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NSOGB is unofficial site (fan-made site) of taiwanese online game 女神Online also known as Norn Saber Online.

This site authors do not claim to own the game, the game developer and respective owner is Chinesegamer Internation Corp.

The purpose of NSOGB is to help english-speaking players to understand where to start and how to play. Game uses traditional chinese because most of players are from Taiwan as the game developer company itself and there are no english patch available yet.

NSOGB has only URL address over internet which is nothing else than Any other similiar looking website can be treated as fake or copycat.

Feel free to ask questions on the respective forum sections so the community will try to help as soon as possible. If you got quite experience in game and capable of writing comprehensive posts, that would be great to share with others or even make a proper guide. Active people are always welcome here.

Thankfully for the site's community our grand master (myself) could develop and maintain a stable patch for the game - an English Interface Pack. This patch translates game interface to english and slightly fixes some issues. Also it is getting updated time to time and the latest version is always available at downloading page.

NSOGB is not a commercial project and it is stricly against any unrelated advertisement. This site is powered by free hosting provider of, with all ensuing consequencess like the site malfunctions, glitches, errors and other hosting troubles.

Thank you for visiting and following us, hopefully it will be useful.


Sincerely yours,
A baka founder of NSOGB


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