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Ok, today i'm going to explain the main thing about NS which I guess I had to start from.
You may noticed since selling drops don't bring you any gold and you want to to know:




I'll explain one way of it, of course it'll require some job from your side. Let's begin from one simple thing: life isn't pretty for non-IM users but you can be good even w/o buying points for such Item-Mall-positioned-game like NS.


First read about Tower of Revenge event here.

Tower event goes each saturdaysunday and monday from 21:00 to 00:00 (NS time).


Now you have to make few alt characters and train them at least to LV10. Make them stay 6 hours online too (to take off items trade block).


So, once you get the basics, lets see how can we actually 'farm' gold from Tower of Revenge...

When this system event started open your alts accounts and team up with your main character after entering event zone. You can get to event zone by choosing join to current event in Event menu.




Farm itself depends from how far can you reach in tower. Let's say you can reach beat things untill floor 12 and you made 3 alts of LV10 on a separate accounts.  As any person in NS they got free e-remotes on them. Set their e-remotes to auto run at first turn (don't forget to max their Escape support skill otherwise they would be failing to escape), so this way they won't be ported if mobs reach and kill them.


Remember: until leader of team stays in battle and finish it, the victory in this round counts for each char in team, even if that team member had escaped.


Rewards from floor 11 (Yellow demon):



 Icon NameQuantity Effect
10 gold ticket3Double click to exchange on 10g.
Red egg 2Double click to get random item from the list.


Upon completion floor 11 you will get  30g x 4 = 120g. Now you can trade all gold to your main character. If you manage to make more alts you can complete tower again and again using you main as jumper into this nub team. For all 3 hours of event you can finish it up to 9 times! This way you will get 30g x 9 x 4 = 1080g !!!


Rewards from floor 12 (Dark partners):



 Icon NameQuantity Effect
100 gold ticket1Double click to exchange on 100g.
Big red egg 1Double click to get random item from the list.
Challenge gift box 2Double click to get random item from the list.


When you are high enough you can farm till later rounds so gold amount increase greatly. It's possible to complete round 12 when your main character and partner at LV80+. After this round each character getting +100g.


Rewards from floor 13 (Dark Arador and Lulu):



 Icon NameQuantity Effect
100 gold ticket2Double click to exchange on 100g.
Big red egg 2Double click to get random item from the list.
Challenge gift box 4Double click to get random item from the list.


Once you are at LV100+ (or even lower if you have a team) you can try to finish Tower of Revenge upon completion of round 13. It's quite hard but worth it, because after this battle each character will get +200g more! So total amount which is possible to get is 330g per character. Multiply it on 4 chars in team and make few more teams of LV10 alts to roll through this event, so you'll become rich in no time =)

Since Tower of revenge going 3 days a week you can get quite good amount of gold.


Wish you luck and patience at this hard business.

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Kurushimi (Music2000)
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 i love diong tower of revenge , Thanks for the post btw

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Nice post. But when it is this even: day and hours(with GMT).:)

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if japanese every weekend GTM(-5 wlo) 7AM-9AM or i start the event a little later so it wont be that scurry


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Kurushimi (Music2000)
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 Im glad the events in taiwan are only 2 hours behind me  unlike wlo i havto do 15r NT and tw between 4am til 8am  the least =_=;;

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on my server i was lucky enouth to find a chinese guy that knows a bit of english, he got me a guild and sometimes helps me - already compleated tower of revenge twice thanks to him! it really is amazing the a mount of gold we can harvest, hopefully i can get hight lvl faster so i don't have to bother him XD and i got to know about tower of revenge thanks to you draft XD thanks for all this wonderfull guides!


i'm the darkness at the bottom of the ocean! 

water + darkness = me!

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