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Pet return scroll
Allows to reallocate 1 status point of partner/beast pet which is LV20 or higher.


These scrolls are vital for adjusting build for partners with crappy stats spread. Because, usually it's better to have one of following builds on your partner: STR>CON, CON>STR, INT>CON, CON>INT. Any other build can be considered as screwed. Mostly pet scrolls can be obtained from special Item Mall's bag or Wheel of Fortune mini-game. Though 7 pieces are available to obtain from quests.



Quest 1. Foxgirl's insanity.


Requirement: character LV3.
Difficulty: Very easy.
Reward: 1 pet scroll.


First you have to save little fox from a snake outside of starters town and then move to a big tree on main island.



Here you have to follow guards and beat some evil trees and save Huli. Next move to China and land to bower spot.



Now move to the cave as it shown at picture below. There you'll find some daos exorcists. Talk with them. They will notice your cute foxy and cause her rage mode turn on.



Don't worry she will kill them all. Now you have to turn her back to normal, so talk with her and fight several dark doppelgangers of fox. Beware, the one on top can seal with whirlwind. Once done you'll get your reward.



Quest 2. Snow goes hot.


Requirement: character LV30 and LV5 ship quests completed (Cybil joined your party).
Difficulty: Average.
Reward: 3 pet scrolls.


Fly to the north cape of main island to the snowy mountains. You can land here as it shown at picture below. Go straight up and you'll reach yellow chest. Click it and some cute lizard will appear. Of course Cybil will attemp to adopt it on sight but it was a trap (Oh, no!). Now you have to fight full scale yellow dragon LV100 with 15k HP and some fodder mobs along. Beware they can mess, whirlwind and petrify quite well. 



After you done hanging with them claim your reward from that chest.



Quest 3. Treasure of cave troll.


Requirement: character LV10.
Difficulty: Hard.
Reward: 2 pet scrolls.


Find a cave on main island as it shown at picture below.



Or you may find it with auto-guide upon activation through Mission tab.



Get inside and move to right till you find a stone block. Click it. Your uber strong character will push it down to nowhere. Now proceed to one floor below via blue spot on bottom. Here you'll see that block made a path to evil half-cyber fat-ass troll with large cannon who's guarding certain chest. Hmm.. probably something valueable inside!



Not to mention our willpower but battle is quite hard. Find a good party for this quest. All mobs can seal with different type of seals so it's wise to lure and kill them one by one. Make sure you won't attract attention of boss before all other mobs down, rather i suggest to restart battle. Oh, it's because troll is LV150 with 40k HP and kind of strong attack.



Anyways if you somehow managed to beat it open up chest and claim your reward.



Quest 4. Fisherman's troubles.


Requirement: LV63 ship quest completed.
Difficulty: Average.
Reward: 1 pet scroll.


First you have to finish LV63 ship quest and obtain TangLin as your partner. Further just press to follow to next side quest as it shown at picture below. In short, you have save TangLin from tentacles and fight giant octopus here. After you'll get your precious scroll.



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