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Battle system

This section will explain some details about the way of how a battle are typically going in NSO.


  1. Types of battles
  2. Attack and Defence
  3. Basics
  4. Partners at battle
  5. Equipment mechanics
  6. Elevations
  7. Objects on map
  8. Movement range
  9. Reinforcements
  10. Advanced tactics

Types of battles

Norn Saber is massive multiplayer turn based tactical RPG. Though, at most all interactions with story characters have been reduced to two options: to fight or not to fight. So main thing what you have to do in is fighting against various things and mercilessly kill them with all your might. But it in a difference from previous game (Wonderland Online) players and mobs are able to move at battle map which made an opportunity for various victory conditions, like: kill target, protect certain object or NPC, reach target area and etc.

The battle can be started when you PK random mob or character or meet an encounter or npc initiated it.

Example of battle start invintation (YES/NO)

There are actually 2 types of battles which are only different of way of skills AOE work:


  1. Normal Battle → is any quest or triggered battle meant to fulfill the objective.
  2. Training Battle → certain encounter when walking at certain training area, meant to be the main way to level up.
 1. Normal battle (Quest battle)


Are ordinary battles when you have to fight mobs or other players in order to win. Skills there have their normal area of effect (AoE) and map is big.

2. Training battle (Encounter)

At training, area of effect (AoE) of some your skills got enlarged. For an example skills like Earth Flaming and Dragon chop can rip all mobs on training map while in any other battle they are limited by actual AoE. Training battle can be initiated when you meet aimlessly wandering mob (encounter) or came to training area (spot), where walking itself cause you dragged into battle.

Now let's see at basics of any battle... 

Attack and Defence

Two main things in battle are actual attack and defence rate. Depending from a build you want to create it's getting to a choice from a melee or mage, also it's possible to train both stats and be a hybrid type damager but i wouldn't recommend to do it.

Attack can be increased by adding points to one of two offensive stats: STR or INT.

Melees (which use swords, halberds, axes, pikes) should add points to strength (STR) which will increase physical damaging Attack (ATK) by few points.

Mages (which use wands, staffs, fans, whips) should add points to intelligence (INT) which will increase Magical attack (MATK).

Also wearing equipment with certain ATK or MATK stat will greatly helps in increasing your damage. This equipement can be forged (which increase stats of eq piece) and socketed with gemstone (each part of eq can hold 1 diamond with fixed amount of stats, adding them to eq ones).

Defence (DEF) mainly comes from constitution (CON) amount and decreases damage taken. Also adding CON will increase MaxHP where each point of CON equal to +20~40 HP addition.

There are also wisdom (WIS) that increases MDEF and actual MaxSP amount. MDEF stat is suppose to cut damage of magical attacks but it works quite slightly compared to benefits what CON does.

Speed (SPD) can be increased by adding points to agile (AGI). SPD affects such things as combo rate, movement range and order of actions in battle.

Example of builds: 


Example of Melee build at LV32
(+5 to all stats are from potential) 


Example of Mage build at LV30
(+6 to all stats are from potential)


On player's turn the following battle action menu appears below each of your characters one by one.

Chg - Change to another form (usually to robot) or change back to human mode

  • This mode increasing DEF by +50% and decreasing SPD by -50%.
  • Decrease of SPD by -50% do not affect combo attack in battle.
  • Requires full charge (at least 100 pts) on POW bar (below character portrait).
  • Some partners like Lulu can access additional skills when in this mode.
  • Can't be used after character made a Move.
  • This action will be counted as end of turn for selected character.

POW - launches special skill that consumes all the energy from POW bar to perform action (usually an offensive skill).

  • Requires full charge (at least 100 pts) on POW bar (below character portrait).
  • If Chg were applied drops character back to human mode.
  • Damage of POW depends on amount of energy accumulated at POW bar: between 100-199 pts will perform normal POW damage; 200 pts will perform double POW damage (max).
  • This action will be counted as end of turn for selected character.

Move - allows to change location in battle.

  • After character made a Move it can't use Items like food/potions on itself until the end of turn, but can use on others.
  • After character made a Move it can't transform via Chg until the end of turn.

ATK - allows to pick a skill to use.

  • Skill can be: offensive, defensive or support.
  • Use of almost any skill cost some amount of SP (Spell Points).
  • Use of offensive skill regenerates few points of POW. Amount is based on quantity of affected mobs (damaged or killed).

Item - allows to use any item from inventory or change equips.

  • Item can be: medicine, food, pill, special scroll, equipment part.
  • Healing item usually can be used on character itself or on any nearby characters (at four sides around).
  • This action will be counted as end of turn for selected character.

Auto - offers to pick from several AI auto modes for your character and partners.

  • Allows to make characters act automatically in battle.
  • To cancel automation press the round "Auto Mode" button at right bottom corner.

Wait - skip the turn when doing nothing. Meanwhile +15 HP +5 SP and 10 POW will be restored.

  • Amount of restored value can be increased with special items and certain boosters.

Overall any battle expects next logics:

  1. Get to the enemy and use best attack against it.

  2. When HP/SP is low use Food/Potion to recover.

  3. Repeat.

Partners at battle

Partners are quite valueable support NPC under your control. In normal ways you can have only one partner in battle at a time. But there are two ways how can you gain up to 5 of your partners in battle at a same time.

At very start of some quest battles you may see next screen which allows to take 5 partners with you. Main one will be at very begining of battle and up to 4 others will "jump" in at turn 2. Only quester can get this screen.

If you getting confused with control of that much, you may find useful to let AI control it by turning on AUTO option at some partners. Just make sure AI won't throw them on rush forward and commit suicide.

Another way requires some gold/points to buy a special scrolls to summon partners. With pet summon scroll it is possible to summon additional partner or few to almost any battle anytime. Note that you can't move on same turn and perform summon.

 Pet summon scroll
Allows to summon 1 more partner of yours in battle since next turn;
You can't have more than 5 partners in same battle;
Scroll will be terminated after usage.

Scrolls can be obtained as low reward from several Mall bags but better get some from auctions for gold.

Equipment mechanics

By pressing State button at panel below you can access State and inventory screen.

As long as you character fighting through different battles equipment can lose durability and wear down. There are 3 kinds of items character can wear:

Clothes - consists of 5 parts, such as Head, Shoes, Body, Arms and Back.
They're losing durability only if character getting damage from an enemy, which level is higher by more than 19 levels.
So, for an example LV72 character's clothes are safe against LV91 but will be damaged by LV92 or higher enemy (72+19=91).

Weapon - each character can hold only one at Hand slot.
It's losing durability only if character does damage to an enemy, which level is higher by more than 19 levels.
So, for an example LV72 character's weapon is safe against LV91 but will be damaged by hitting LV92 or higher enemy (72+19=91).

Special items - 5 slots for special type of equipment.
Special items can not be damaged and lose durability. Although, some of Special Items has limited number of uses, so it will be broken when depleted.
Note: these 5 slots can be expanded by special equipment cases by putting items in case first and then equipping it.

Icon Name Capability
Green case It has 3 slots and can keep tier 1 or ordinary special items.
Total number of slots available 7
Golden case It has 5 slots and can keep tier 2 or golden and ordinary special items.
Total number of slots available 9.
Platinum case It has 5 slots and can keep tier 3 or platinum and any kind of special items. 
Total number of slots available 9.


Often battlefield isn't flat and has lowlands and highlands. They can be used as tactical advantage both by players and mobs.

When you getting on elevation in reference to an enemy damage of your offensive skills getting +12% addition per each level of height difference.

Meanwhile reverse applies when you are below enemy. This way damage of your skills to enemy who stands above getting -12% penalty per each level of height difference.

It's wise to try climb as high as you can in battle in order to keep such nice bonus. Also note that you can't hike on falls with 2 or more levels gap.

Objects on map

You can divide all the things on any map on two categories: subjects and objects.

Subjects are usually foes which deserve slaughtery for only fact of their existance.

Objects can be in form of building, installation, stone, tree, wall, tower, gate and etc. When you have to attack it you'll see any character can deal ONLY 1 HP damage on it, doesn't matter how high or low ATK/MATK.

This attack value can be increased when next passive skills are mastered: 


  Building destruction - allows to your character deal 2 HP damage on objects.

 Cooperated destruction - allows to your primary partner deal 2 HP damage.


Examples of objects: 


Movement range

In an ordinary battle you can move all around passable map area. Distance of how far you can go on battlefield within one turn getting highlighted in green squares when you pressing on "Move" option.

Meanwhile this distance depends from several factors:

  1. SPD amount
    While rising your SPD stat movement squares also getting increased with certain values:
    1..29: 4 squares range
    30..64: 5 squares range
    65..299: 6 squares range
    300..929: 7 squares range
    930..2319: 8 squares range
    2320..4959:  9 squares range
    4960..****: 10 squares range
  2. Passive skills
    There are two passive skills in the game which can improve your SPD by few points per grade and when both maxed they will add +2 square to player's maximum movement range.

     Sprint - increases your SPD by 2 pts per grade and adds +1 movement square at max.

     Wind sprint - increases your SPD by 3 pts per grade and adds +1 movement square at max.
  4. Haste

     Fire element has special support skill - Haste.
    It allows to increase maximum movement range by few extra squares, which is very useful for melees who have to run towards to the enemy to perform their strongest attacks. When the Haste skill is maxed it's effect will last for 3 turns as much.
  5. Terrain
    Going through any change of terrain height (highland or lowland) decreases movement range by 1 square from maximum movement range. Also moving through water decreases your movement range by half.


Oh yea, after you've managed to kill some mobs on map they can probably just get back anywhere all around map which makes you feel like you got into ambush.

This feature made to not let you feel yourself safe and increase difficulty of a battle. Also some high level quests has unlimited reinforcements trigger while mission objective is kill boss or reach target area. But it's not that bad since number of mobs which can be in battlefield at same time is limited.

Reinforcements itself usually doesn't appear as a random matter, usually they have to be triggered as soon as you advance in battle. Most usual trigger of reinforcement summon is HP level of the boss. As an example let's say some certain boss has 40,000 HP. Once it got drop below 30,000 HP some reinforcements will arrive. If you aren't pretty high level to ignore these foes or rip them at once it's highly recommended to stop damaging boss for a while and get rid of these mobs (would be wise to seal boss for a while). Then when everything is fixed switch to hitting boss again. This way of fighting allows you not get overwhelmed, surrounded and overkilled.

Advanced tactics

Alright, you have the general idea on how to fight on NS, but there are still certain tactics you can use in fights which are fairly flexible as they work in almost every battle excluding the ones where you are expected to go full out offensive on. Usually they are require 2 or more players/characters to perform. Let's describe most efficient of them.

Hit & Run.

As you may see from name this is the best tactic when you just unable to stand in battle and take the damage without being overkilled. Best to apply it for long and hard battles. Also it requires some patience from participants. Mainly what you suppose to do is to jump in battle, move deep into crowd/lines of mobs and POW it or attack with skill (terminate with all the might). Then re-log or escape from battle before foes can strike back.
Note: once you running from battle other char/helper should get into at enemy turn only. This way they won't be hurt at same turn and will be able to act on next players turn right on.


If used correctly, formation can greatly increase your chances of victory, especially in events like Tower of Revenge. Mainly it suppose to separate mobs from weak support partners which can heal/wall or supply damagers. Meanwhile those damagers serving as a border between. Also some character can be used to attact mobs attention (lure or aggro) and bring them to formation which will kill them. Mainly formation is good when you can somehow sustain mobs damage and their AOE isn't too high to make serious trouble for inner zone's support partners. Formations can look way different one from another but main idea remains the same. Some examples at pics below.


This tactic suppose to make one character to attact most of mobs attention (lure or aggro) most of mobs on himself and take most of damage on himself. Not really recommended to kill lured mobs but seals (or skills like dragon roar) would be fine. Of course it requires to have high HP or even tanker build on this character. This way other party members (which are probably frail damagers) can more or less safely kill mobs around while trying to reach mission objective. 

Hitting reinforcements cap.

Some quests in NS just can't be done with brute attack way because mobs are blocking passage to target or boss. Once they got killed they are respawn or gather again to same place which makes passage blocked again. Nice to meet unlimited reinforcements. Next tactic is useful in combination of Decoy method.

Someone attracting most of mobs on himself and while trying to avoid seals and stuff pulling them to side or keeping them at starting position. Game allows to only limited number of mobs to be at the battlefield at same time, so with pulling weak mobs (for an example) and making them mass somewhere around decoy won't let to other hardcore or annoying mobs to re-appear. Main thing that pulled mobs have to stay alive, otherwise they will respawn elsewhere. So, in general this allows you to procceed further to target area or to boss which is cowardly standing in back lines and wasting your time.


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