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Character creation

Quite common and trival matter. Yet just to provide necessary let's take a closer look on each of steps.


  1. Character creation guide
  2. Hidden female appearance
  3. Basic tips for newcomers

Character creation guide

As game will finish loading you will get to server select screen. Choose the server you like and double click any branch of it. Then input your Login name and Password.

If everything is correct you will see Character Select screen with two empty slots. Click any of two "Create character" buttons.

On the next screen you have to choose from 10 available appearances: 5 male and 5 female appearances for a character. There are also 1 hidden female appearance which can be obtained later as you start the game. It will replace already chosen one.

Let's pick one and click Next.

Another screen will ask to invent a character name. If name is already in use system prompt will appear as you click Next.

Next screen will ask to distribute initial 5 stat points among 5 different attributes: Strength (STR), Constitution (CON), Intellect (INT), Wisdom (WIS) and Agility (AGI).

  • Increasing STR affects ATK: damage from melee attack and physical attack skills;
  • Increasing CON upgrades physical defense (DEF) and cap of health (MaxHP);
  • Increasing INT affects MATK: damage from magical attack skills;
  • Increasing WIS upgrades the cap of spell points (MaxSP) and magic attacks defense (MDEF);
  • Increasing AGI will increase character's speed (SPD) which determines priority of action in combat and maximum movement range.

Following screen will ask to choose one of two elemental Goddesses: Lachesis which is fire and Clotho who's water. By picking Goddess you're choosing element for your character.

In fact elemental dependance only influences on few certain skills which your character will possess further. For example fire element having better area of attack skills while water having better sealing skills. Note that there's NO ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS in Norn Saber.

Then you can customize model of selected character by coloring hair, eyes, skin and underclothes.

 Finally on the last screen you have to set the new password for this account (or just repeat current one) and create the password for this character deletion.

As you've input everything correctly and pressed Confirm the game will start.

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Hidden female appearance

Hidden female character appearance can be obtained before you have reached LV10 or started any of Ship Quests.

To apply it, move right away to the Fruit Store (at right from fountain) in Mill Village Square and click (talk) on vendor girl 10 times. She will ask if you want to switch your appearance with hers PERMANENTLY. Click first option in dialog if you agree.


Basic tips for newcomers

  • Once you made a character just shout in world channel that you're searching for an english guild to join. If someone notice they will most likely invite you to guild.

  • Some small english community exists on the server named Athena&Zeus 2nd option on the list

  • On the Norn Saber Light server english community exists on the single present server named Aurora.

  • There are two daily giveaways of cards in NSO, they can be found in your Extra storage inventory:
     Memory card x 1. If you log to your account between 0:00 ~ 23:59 (NS time GMT+8).
     Card box x 1. If you are online between 19:00 ~ 20:59 (NS time GMT+8).

  • Maintenance in NS is daily. It happens at taiwanese 7:00 ~ 8:00 (NS time GMT+8) and usually takes 10 ~ 30 minutes. Usually few minutes before it starts you can see next message:

    If you were afk training then automatic remote control can auto-relog your character.

    Daily maintenance schedule
    Weekday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Maintenance 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 7:00
    game update sometimes
    7:00 7:00



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