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The characters of Norn Saber storyline, many of them joining you as partners after certain plot point.


  1. Player (protagonist)
  2. Angelic special squad (ship crew memebers)
  3. Storyline encounders
  4. Black hades army (antagonists)

Player (protagonist)

Just an ordinary person living still life in a small village. One day an unknown angel appears in it's dream and grants a powerful artifact of divine race. Once protagonist goes outside of house it gets attacked by unknown group of unknown intruders which are wreaking havoc and destruction.

Appearance and gender of main protagonist of the story can be selected by player during character creation.


Portrait Model Portrait Model Portrait Model

Appearance 1

Appearance 2

Appearance 3

Appearance 4

Appearance 5


Portrait Model Portrait Model Portrait Model

Appearance 1

Appearance 2

Appearance 3

Appearance 4

Appearance 5

Appearance 6

Hidden female character appearance can be obtained before you have reached LV10 or started any of Ship Quests. How to get it?

Special Angelic Squad (ship crew members)

Special squad arrived from the future, rolling around on the space battleship Raphael. Their motive is clearly to protect the Earth from destruction by the robotic forces named Black hades army. The Squad mainly consists only from girls, because according to Commander almost every man in future has died during the great war with joint forces of Hades and Demons.

Portrait Profile Model

Operation officer of Angelic Squad. She's is very calm and reasonable person. Avril were growing together with Samantha and at childhood she were more like tomboy type.

Our protagonist meets Avril right after discoverning the powers of Crohn's chain and defeating few mechanical soliders of Hades Army in the Mill village. Avril explain things later after they making the Hades flee from Mill village. She convinces the protagonist to follow her on the space battleship and introduces him to commander Katherine.

Operation officer of Angelic Squad. She's very emotional, lively and talkative person and often acts outrageous and causing troubles. Samantha were growing together with Avril and often had to rely on her. Samantha has a perfect marksman skills and her main weapon is rifle.

Samatha appears at best timing during defense of Mill village. Avril introducing her to protagonist and as we may tell from Samantha's reaction she's getting very interested in protagonist.. (luv luv~;)

Operation officer of Angelic Squad. Little Cybil is very bright and charming person. Since she's still a kid she acts quite childish often and still likes stuffed toys. Everyone at ship treat her as some sort of a squad mascot. Apparently, Cybil fell for our protagonist quite fast as well and it often causes some sort of open rivaling with Samantha. They're both such a kids XD

Protagonist meets her in one of her support missions. Cybil realizes she wouldn't be able to finish mission alone like that, which brings some depression to her. Gladly our humble and open minded Lulu comforing Cybil her way (childish), so they're deciding to work harder together. From this point Cybil joins the team.

The only civilian in Angelic Squad, though not quite completely. Lisa is singer and famous idol also subborn and confident in her looks. She treats her idol job very serious and trying to be kind with fans, but often can't hold on and acts outrageous like a princess. Her father is a commander of Allied Earth forces. Lisa claims herself she were admired by watching him fighting at the frontlines from childhood, so she decided to join the Angelic Squad to bring the peace in world again by her singing.

It all begings when Hades Army tires to kidnap her during the one of her live concerts. Our protagonist bravely protects her but Hades not giving up on getting her. So the best decision to keep her in safe is to make Lisa stay on board of Battleship. Yet, she's not to sit in corner and want to help as much as she can. After some basic "training" she joins the team.

The youngest operation officer in Angelic Squad. Ina is humble and very introverted girl. It's easy to embarrass her one way or another, yet when it comes to fight she's getting serious and fighting until the end. While being ex- Shadow Ops operative her skills are pretty much reminds ninja style, which makes her perfect for assassination type of missions.

Commander Katherine sending protagonist to help "Shadow Ops" on the certain infiltration mission. While protagonist is breaking to the front base doors and getting all the attention Ina uses stealth mode to infiltrate back door and destroying enemy Command Center. After such successful cooperation Katherine decides to invite Ina to join the team.

Operation officer of Angelic Squad. TangLin also known as "Silver tiger" is the master of close combat arts. When TangLing is still young her family held the famous dojo in China, but an ancient tradition of her family that "most skilled child inherits the dojo" made her and sister become ferocious rivals. This end up with TangLin being exiled, so she joined the army. There TangLin double her efforts and become the master of Iaido sword art. Due to her past she isn't easy to get along.

TangLin appears at best timing during defense of Mill village. Since commander Katherine instantly promotes our protagonist to the captain rank TangLin feeling ripped and arranging a duel to test newcomer's skills.

Commander of Angelic squad and captain of "Raphael" battleship. Katherine is mature and wise woman with a calm nature. Not much is known of her past.

Avrils introduces her the protagonist and tells about amazing force protagonist possess. Katherine accepting protagonist on board and after some missions grants an officer rank. After proving to be responsible in resolving critical missions Katherine teaches protagonist the basic skill.

Officer of Angelic Squad.

As player appears on board Camilla gladly makes a tour to show which is where on the ship.

Intelligence and investigation officer. Onboard repairman and systems hacker. Does much helping in gathering data about Hades forces. Very clumsy in and shy in any other than technical questions.

Communication and service crew
These crew members performing daily duties on the battleship and always ready to support with important information and tasks.

Surface command manager
Crew member from a Middle East responsible for management of "Town simulation system". Provides basic control and messaging via town message system.

A girl that you can meet wandering in ship corridors. A recruit as it seems.

Storyline encounters

As protagonist advances on the storyline many other characters encounters on the way. Some of them joining protagonist as partners after resolving their problems: some of them helping, some warning, some challenge, some oppose. Below is short bio of some remarkable characters.

Portrait Profile Model

Mia is a cute and naive young girl dressed as kitten maid. She's harmless and fully dependant on protagonist.

Protagonist finding her abandoned at the Mill village outskirts in a cardboard box. She is very frustrated so protagonist decides to take care of her.

Huli is a young girl dressed as if she cosplaying foxie. Quite suspicious but she might seem as embodiment of legendary nine-tailed fox.

Protagonist can rescue her from the evil Treants vines. She is so grateful so joins the team right away.

A little girl who lost her memory and couldn't remind anything from her past, even her real name. For some reason she called herself Lulu. As it getting obvious later Black Hades army is trying to eliminate her as last remaining daughter of royal dynasty of Annasi Kingdom and representative of divine race. Rest of major events in storyline this way or another revolves around her.

Protagonist getting a mission to investigate crash site of unknown ship so there he finiding Lulu. She instantly starting to treat protagonist as an elder brother.

Lucia is a mermaid girl. A princess of undersea world. She is very curious about world around her so she likes to secretly run and play on the land. But due to her unusual behavior she frequently getting confused and getting in trouble.

Protagonist saving her from smugglers, helping her defeat evil Ursula and claim the stolen horn of undersea king. Since it's getting into a habit to save her she joins the protagonist to take care of her.

Clare is cyborg girl which consists more than a half of mechanical parts. Very strong and immune to poisoned gas. She can't remember anything about her past beside so her personality remains unknown.

During the investigation of secret Hades laboratory protagonist finding naked girl sleeping into glass pod deep inside the facility. After waking her up she could not recall anything about herself, thus took the first person she saw as her master. Later protagonist finding some data about her and even have a meet with her creator.

The elder sister of TangLin. Been training with little TangLin from from a childhood and was a good sister of her. Tang family had to decide who from two sisters will inherit the famous "Tiger and Dragon" dojo, so TangQi has changed. She start to treat her sister as a rival and hurt her pretty bad. TangLin couldn't stand this so she left her home and joined the army.

Occassionaly our protagonist meeting TangQi during one of ship missions. Hades trying to destroy the dojo and brave protagonist and TangLin proving them wrong. So after certain series of events TangQi teaching her sister the Perfect iaido technique.

Arador was a former knight of Annasi Kingdom before he were sent on escort mission. Traits like loyalty and persistence made him a true paladin. Together with his elder brother he were training to become a royal guard of Annasi. During the assault on Annasi his older brother - Dar without any reason betrayed everyone and took side of Black Hades army. Since Arador knew the princess Felice from very childhood the goddess Clotho herself sent him to escort princess to the future.

After arriving on Earth Arador somehow got divided with princess during Hades assault. But later protagonist finding him fighting against Hades.

Han is a rogue known as the "jack of all trades". Specializes on information collection and trade. Han is a leader of local rogue group known as "Trace of God" at the Biz city of Annasi. The things went out of hands after merchants set a military collusion with Black Hades. So rouges "service" become unnecessary.

Meeting protagonist during Hades attack on local villagers at Biz city outskirts. After a certain series of events decide to join the protagonist.

High Priest of Annasi Kingdom. Responsible for the worship of the clerics has the gift of foretelling the future and fortune. Have been respected and admired by Annasi people before the national subjugation by Hades.

Aaliyah is still guarding the sacred Temple and waiting for the return of the princess Felice and the chosen one. At certain point helping to awaken Felice (Lulu) true form.

Lilith is a petite arrogant young girl with innate huge amount of magic in her body. In order to avoid the spirit explosion that may harm people of divine race Lilith has been delivered to the High Priest to study the magic control. She claiming she were admired by Princess Felice since childhood. After Annasi subjugation Lilith was hiding in the border villages surrounded by the magical barried to protect from the Black Hades attacks.

Our protagonist passing by while admires beautiful landscapes and seeing few robbers caught a Lilith on the way home. After rescueing her she 

Lachesis is the goddess born in the darkest fire. She's hovering between light and darkness to dominate the strength of courage. She has the powerful force of destruction as the God Ares who is the cause of all wars. As legends says: "Lachesis is the measurer of the thread woven by Clotho's spindle so she determines Destiny, or thread of life". This way Lachesis and Cloth were keeping a delicate balance of the universe.

Protagonist meeting her personally when both Lilith and Lulu trying to unseal the Mana stone. Lachesis brings player to test his abilities by fighting some of her minions.

Ray was a former knights captain of Annasi Kingdom. Behind the serious appearance hides a naughty personality. Grew up together with Dar and Arador while was training to join the royal guard. During the sudden attack of Black Hades army Ray stood in the last line of defense and lost. He managed to escape and hiding nowadays, but he haven't gave up. He's collecting guerrillas to eliminate the enemy and looking for an allies and adherents of divine race to strike the Hades back.

At the first meet of protagonist he don't treat him well, nor he believes that princess Felice is alive. So later on after finding a proof he agrees to join and swearing to protect the princess.

Ancient general with heroic spirit, able to see through things due to his rich experience at war. Likes drinking a lot of wine and prefering to be frivolous which often causes various misunderstandings.

Appeared from the ancient past of Annasi from the time and spacewarp during the last incident. After he met the protangonist and Angelic squad girls he decided join and fight against Hades together. Likes to roam on battleship and eat something.

Lotta has appearance of a little girl but thinking way of mature person. She has a twin brother Neo which is always with her from very childhood. These twins are born in the world of demonic race and possess incredible force. They could not coexist with demons and when they get a chance they slipped away through time and space warp. Lotta is skilled at fire magic arts. She has lively and talkative personality.

Twins appears after certain point of storyline to help our protagonist fight against corruption cause by Hades and demons invasion.

Neo has appearance of a little boy but thinking way of mature person. He has a twin sister Lotta which is always with him from very childhood. Neo has powerful force and talents in close combat arts,  so he can perfectly support fire magic of Lotta. Even though he actually bit younger than his sister but he acts like an elder brother.

Twins appears after certain point of storyline to help our protagonist fight against corruption cause by Hades and demons invasion.

Black Hades Army (antagonists)

Once a glorious Mech Kingdom of Hades Empire was pulled in a great war between Demon race and Divine race in order to protect the last from annihilation. But unfortunatelly whole army of Hades have been lured into a trap and fell under the effect of an ancient artifact stolen from Goddess Clotho - The Pandora Stone. As a result Hades forces have been massively brainwashed and joined the Demonic race. So now their purpose is to finish off the remnants of Divine race and capture remaining artifact of Goddess Lachesis - The Crohn's Chain.

Portrait Profile Model

Leader of Hades army assault corps. Eccentric person interested in biological and biochemical research. Ruthless to anyone standing on his way. Not much known about him. Weird stripes on his head represents his masterpiece in dark magic disciplines.

Arrogant madman. The second general of Hades. Before incident with Hades army betrayal Dar was Paladin of the Annasi Kingdom together with his brother Arador. Arador was ordered to escort princes Felice to the safe place and Dar remain to protect palace to the very end. But Hades general named Jessica decide spare his life and made him join the Hades. She brainwashed him and blocked his memory.

Arrogant female general of demonic race. Quite mysterious person. She possess powerful dark fire magic. No one really knows where from she appears in Hades and took such high rank among them.

General Flora - master of deceptions. She pretend to look like a little and innocent girl to confuse enemies and stab them at very vulnerable moment. Among the Hades soliders she got nicknamed "Little medusa".


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