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For restricting botting to get gold by selling drops in NSO implemented secondary currency – Silver.


  1. Silver currency
  2. Gold currency
  3. Mall, Mall points and Credits
  4. Stall shops
  5. Auctions

Silver currency

Silver is represented by coins and papers which can not be traded between players.

You can get Silver by selling loot and mob drops at NPC shops (like Grocery) and use it to buy other stuffs from NPC shops.

You will get yourself in trouble with insufficient inventory space to store stacks of Silver papers, so it is suggested to use next keeping items:

Icon Name Function
Purse Can store up to 20,000 of Silver;
You can buy it at auction/stalls or from other players.
Tiger/piggy bank Can store up to 20,000 of Silver;
You can make it by manufacturing or buy from other players.

Gold currency

Gold is the main game currency which can be used as equivalent of exchange for goods and services between players.

Current amount of gold is displayed at the top left corner of main screen, under the portrait as .

It’s hard to obtain Gold in NSO, because either you have to sell something or complete some events or instances with Gold as reward. From events and instances you're getting Gold Tickets as reward, double click them to automatically exchange them on declared value of Gold.

Where to get some gold?

Salary. For being part of ship crew member you can keep on getting salary on a daily basis (once per 24 hours).The amount of salary you getting depends on two factors:

  • What rank you and your partners have (how many instances you've completed)

  • How many days you've been playing in a row. Daily salary rises on +1 gold at a day when you are coming online.

It's not really much money at the beginning but as you continue to play and finishing instances it can add up to a considerably high amount. For each day when you didn’t come online you’ll get penalty. Your salary will reset your daily bonus part of it, so try not to skip days.

To claim the daily salary you have to get LV20 first, then come online for at least 3 hours and then go visit commander Katherine (on the ship bridge). Talk to her and pick 2nd option in dialog.

If she haven't gave your salary then there's one of two possible reasons:


Mall, Mall points and Credits

Main game shop we used to call the Mall. You can buy various goods and items from here instantly but it'll require to pay certain amount of Points. Points are Mall's currency which can be obtained for real money.

You can get to menu of Mall by clicking Store button.

It is divided into 4 sections represented with square buttons at left. Each section has few tabs with different types of goods.

Few notes:

  • Point Mall. Consumes Points to pay for goods.

  • Credits Mall. Consumes Credits to pay for goods. Credits itself can be obtained when you spent fixed amount of Mall Points on items. I.e. each 100 points you've spent in certain item in Point Mall you'll get +3 credits. (Mini-games aren't included)

  • Gold Mall. Consumes in-game Gold to pay for goods. Assortment of goods is quite tiny and most of goods are way too overpriced compared with prices for same goods at Auctions. Though some special goods have quite fair price here like Lucky clover or Anti-encounters spiral. Also prices for Forge and Potential pills are just like those.

  • Mini-games. Consumes Mall points as well to play. For some of them you can use a special coins to play. Coins can be obtained upon completion of weekly Heaven trial event.

  • My purchases. Keeps history of recently bought items.


Stall shops

With auctions released number of stall became quite short, mostly people selling at stall only overpriced items or the ones which they are desperate to sell (cause of overprice once again). So generally, its not recommended to buy from stalls (unless you are rich or sure this is normal price).



Auction is a great feature of NSO. It's a process of buying and selling goods by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. In economic theory, an auction may refer to any mechanism or set of trading rules for exchange. It uses gold currency to trade.

Upon opening auction screen you will see an interface. There is 3 actual sale slots and queue for each. More detailed information about meaning of everything you may find at picture below.

First you had to have gold to bid at anything. Participants bid openly against one another, with each subsequent bid higher than the previous bid at least by 1. NSO's auction generally refers to an open demand auction with a reservation price (or starting one). Once timer hits "3" the item will be sold (to the highest bidder) or will be returned to owner. You can set items to auctions by adding them to queue of sale slot (one per each).

How to use:

Click "bid" at slot with item you like utill you won it or utill price overwhelm your gold stock. Though, tricky players could use more wily strategies

Bidding strategy:

Bid shading - is placing a bid which is below the bidder's actual value for the item. Such a strategy risks losing the auction, but has the possibility of winning at a low price. Works well when seller settled starting price of item which is below it's real value (or exactly 1g). People making things like that to attract more potential buyers, who want to win at low price. Bid shading can also be a strategy to avoid the Winner's curse (in some auctions the winner will tend to overpay when item is new and it's actual usefulness and value still unconfirmed).

Chandelier bidding - a practice of raising false bids at crucial times in the bidding process in order to create the appearance of greater demand or to extend bidding momentum for a work on offer.

Collusion - whenever bidders at an auction are aware of the identity of the other bidders there is a risk that they will form a "ring" and thus manipulate the auction result. By agreeing to bid only against outsiders, never against members of the "ring", competition becomes weaker, which may dramatically affect the final price level. By a "ring" we may accept the guildmates or friends. Also this strategy includes bidding on your own item from 2nd account (when you started with lower price), to be insure of selling an item for actual or even higher price.

Also, there are some interesting methods of bidding like ones which made directly to worn out opponent(s) and win at lower price. This one usually works when seller settled price of item below it's actual value and none of potential buyers going to set nomal price of it. This way it works like: once last bidder's timer hits "2", you have to set +1g to the price and repeat these actions untill another bidder will give up or price will reach normal value.



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