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Events are activities which goes at specific day of week and time. Each has limited time when you can join it.

These events are generally accessed by clicking them at the events window, you will be offered to be teleported to the event location.

For actually going event yellow button will offer fast joining screen. If you cancel it then events menu will appears. Here you can pick event which is actually going and join it.

Events are specified for China timezone which is GMT+8.

Schedule for in-game events menu getting changed after daily server reset which is after midnight. Also instances you've done today will be reseted (if it doesn't happen just relog).




Event Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
 Group PVP event           19:00-21:00  
 Group PVP event
 (Random teams)
 Interserver PVP           15:00-17:00  
 Interserver PVP
 (1 vs 1)
 Interserver PVP
 (Random teams)
 Quiz competition   18:30-18:40 18:30-18:40   12:30-12:40 14:00-14:10  
 Drops from skies       18:30-19:00      
 Guild war             19:00-21:00
 National treasure 15:00-17:00 15:00-17:00 15:00-17:00        
 NPC challenge 19:00-20:00 19:00-20:00          
 Tower of revenge 21:00-00:00         21:00-00:00 21:00-00:00
 15 rounds         19:00-21:00    
 Heaven trials       20:00-22:00      
 Wind dragon trials   20:00-22:00          
 Guild Lv2+ event:
 Guild trials
 Guild Lv3 event:
 Knights challenge

You can check actual reward list from eggs and boxes here.

Group PVP event

Group PVP event is the main player versus player event when participants killing each other for joy of dominance.

Arena is located at Activity center the 2nd floor (above the props keeper) in Mill village. Once event has begun go to the event zone and click on the event NPC. You will be joined to the queue while system is seeking available allies and challengers. Note that you have to be LV30+.

There are two kinds of Group PVP event:

  1. on Saturday: you can join event with party members or even whole team.
  2. on Wednesday: you can't join with party members. System will be randomly pick party members for you.

Once there's enough people for match the battle will begin. To win your team have to beat all the enemy team. You will be awarded with one win. On the other hand, if you lose a battle you will lose one win. The person with the highest number of wins at the end of the event will be the winner.

The reward you obtain at the end is scaled by how many wins you have, generally in order to at least get some form of reward you need to make it up to the top 10, where you will be awarded some card boxes and a orange boxes. Rewards will be issued few minutes after event's time has expired.

If you will happen go get into top 3 your name will be announced server-wide as winner and you will be awarded with certain title above your character for few days.

(System): Winners of 1st place: [Names]

(System): Winners of 2nd place: [Names]

(System): Winners of 3rd place: [Names]

Place in competition Rewarded title Reward
1st Group PVP winner rank 1  Card box x 6
Orange box x 10
2nd Group PVP winner rank 2  Card box x 6
Orange box x 9
3rd Group PVP winner rank 3  Card box x 5
Orange box x 8
4th -  Card box x 4
Orange box x 7

Interserver PVP

This PVP event is similar to Group PVP event except that the participants are not just people from your servers, but also people from all the other servers as well.

Quiz competition

Quiz competition is an activity to test your knowledge and fast answering.

Withing event period (10 mins) you have to arrive to the activity zone (by teleporting) and click on event NPC. It will show you special screen where you've taken place as a competitor. You have to wait for event start (right after event time has expired).

When Quiz has started you will be asked series of questions one by one (on chinese) with 4 possible answers. Note that there's only few seconds to pick the right answer until Timer bar is empty. If you've answered wrong you gonna lose 1 of 6 lives. When you're out of lives activity will be over for you. After all the participants has done with answering system will calculate the results, and players with most of correct answers will be awarded. Names of top 3 ranked players will be announced on World channel.

Drops from skies

Drops from skies provides free things for those who's fast enough to grab them.

Red bags getting slowly carried by the wind and they're falling down all over Mill village (all maps) in several waves. After bags getting reached the ground they are turning into Small gift boxes with random rewards inside. Beware of other players hunting these gift boxes, they're your rivals! If you are first to click on box (few seconds after it landed) then you're getting it.

 Icon  Name Quantity  Effect
 Gift box from heaven As much as you can pick Gives random reward from a list

Guild war

This is a war between guilds which controls the castle and ones who pretend to conquer it.

Castle itself located at Mill Island and offers for the guild or alliance that own it various types of bonuses, such as: free equipment repairs, up to 3 spare teleports a day, cheap food seller and etc.

To participate in Guild War you have to be at least LV30 and obviously be in a guild.

Guilds which are in control of The Castle participate as Defenders, all other guilds can challenge them and seige The Castle as Attackers. After the event began, everyone is free to teleport right to The Castle's Outskirts (Round 1). Talk to NPC in front of gateway to start the battle or join in any other battle around. Whole event area are consist of 3 rounds. Each round represented as a large arena with target object on the opposite side. Once attackers has succeeded to destroy the target, everyone who were in battle that moment getting allowed to advance on next round.

Guild War Rules:

  • Each separate battle of Guild War can contain upto 50 characters of Defenders and Attackers at same time. Meanwhile quantity of simultaneous battles on same Round is limited:

    Round Round name Maximum number of simultaneous battles Guild restrictions 
    1 The Castle Outskirts 5  None
    2 The Castle Gates 2  None
    3 The Castle Sanctuary 10  Only members of same guild and their allies allowed to be in same battle.
  • Player will be kicked from battle if staying up dead for 3 turns, unless no healthy partner is around. Also if Player does no action for 10 consequent turns.
  • Players will get 3 minutes delay penalty to start or join any GW battle if: escaped, died, teleported to spawn, logged off, disconnected or any other action to leave battlefield, except the victory in battle.
  • Attackers have to win a Round to gain access to the next one. Defenders can move between rounds freely.
  • If attackers will destroy The Angel Statue in the Round 3 battle the event will end and The Castle will be given to the new owners.
  • Each week castle owenrs and their allies can claim their reward after guild war event from Chest in Castle Sanctuary. If castle owned for two or more weeks in row the rewards will get better.

National treasure hunt 

The most simple event for low level players which is some sort of Minotaur's labyrinth. It works with the same restrictions as NT in Wonderland Online with exception of very weak mobs here.

Instead chests there we have orb to open. The objective is to click on orbs and fight mob encounters then repeat it until you find a key in one of orbs. Once you've found key orbs will disappear so you can advance to the next room by clicking on keyhole next to door. Sometimes when clicking on orb you may receive useful items instead of enemy encounter, such as:

Icon Name Quantity Effect
 Small revive pill 1  Revives target with 1 HP.
 Blueberry pie 20  Food. HP+400 SP+200.
 Can be used in battle.
 Cola can 10  Food. SP+300 HP+200.
 Can be used in battle.
 Nutritious bean 1  The best recovery item. Can restore full HP and SP.
 Can be used in battle. Best recovery item in game!

As you've reached the last room you'll see Minotaur here, upon clicking the boss battle will start. This battle may cause some troubles because of ET mobs can seal with Paralysis and do some heavy damage. Get rid of ET as soon as possible. Boss itself is nothing special, he has a lot of HP but only hit hard when on the hill, so either lure him down or move up to his grounds.

Note: if you have escaped or died during a battle the event ends for you today and you can't restart it, so be careful.


Icon Name Quantity  Effect
 Big gift box 1

Can be obtained when reached final room
Gives random reward from list

 Red egg 2 Can be obtained when killed Minotaur
Gives random reward from list
 Big NT gift box 1 Can be obtained when killed Minotaur
Gives random reward from list

NPC challenge

This event is quite an easy one except for hard final battle. Event goes in two main series in non-stop mode without time to rest and heal between battles. There're no possibility to heal between battles, so bring food and healing partners with you. If you lose or escape you have to start whole series again from first battle.

The objective of event is to defeat all the enemies in every single battle.

Series Description Reward

First series are fairly easy except the final battle where you have to deal with cruel Reapers (9K HP) with strong and long-range massive skill and Boss - Armored Rhino (10K HP). Having Mia to cover you up or Cybil/Clare which can heal the received damage would be a great help to finish without much of problems.

Red egg x 3
Big red egg x 1
Orange box x 2

Second series of this event can be started only after you finish 1st one at the same NPC. This is most difficult event in NSO for now. There it's meant to fight Black Hades Army troops, their commanders and overpowered dark version of partners exactly the same map, which is designed as PVP arena. HP of foes are sky high as much as damage they do. Bascially enemy will throw against everything it has, all kind of sealing and devastating largest AOE skills plus much of reinforcements. At 6th battle every Valkyie has a revive skill, so they're most likely to revive any of four bosses, so be warned. Rewards are quite rich though.

Beware: this part designed to challenge reborn characters, who has high attack and HP!

Big red egg x 3
Challenge gift box x 3
Card box x 6
200% EXP potion x 1

Tower of revenge

The only event which is simple enough and brings to you some amount of money. As you know gold is quite hard to get in NS but this event will help you cause you may even farm it from here. Event starts from 21:00 (NS time GMT+8) and lasts for 3 hours.

The other name of event is 13 rounds. First 10 rounds are very simple to manage even with low level character but hogher ones require some patience and tactic. Only since floor 9 you'll start receiving rewards for completion:

Floor Name Description Reward
1..8  ...  Quite an easy rounds with nothing much remarkable.


9 Twin Gargoyles Two gargoyle bosses are on the top of hill on the way to them a lot of slaad minions. The battle is pretty easy because as you start slaying slaad mobs bosses are starting to descend. Yellow egg x 1
10 Blue Naga Flat arena reminds some low level quest for Lulu's skill. Only Naga boss has some decent HP, other mobs are too weak. Yellow egg x 1
Red egg x 1
11 Yellow Demon As battle starts Yellow Demon and three dragon charging toward you. This floor is harder cause demon has 12k HP, so unless you possess decent attack bring Cybil/Clare here to take care of your HP/SP, or bring food. This floor is quite manageable once you get LV30, even better if you have a team mate with you.
There is first money reward upon finishing and it is 30 gold.
10 gold ticket x 3
Red egg x 2
12 Dark Partners

This floor is much harder than anything below. There players have to challenge with 8 rebellious dark versions of Partners. Foxgirl Huil and singer Lisa are often using seal at large AoE, Cybil can sometimes revive fallen comrad and Mia can massively cast Light Wall on everyone around. Rest of them Partners constantly using POW skills to attack. So, such a cruel party is supposed to be subdued by players.

Each single enemy damage not really high but when everyone of them hit again and again it getting troublesome. With a team of at least LV50 players can have a high chance of finishing them off. Passing there solo is quite possible at LV75+.

Reward is getting serious: +100 gold.

Big red egg x 1
Challenge gift box x 2
100 gold ticket x 1
13 Dark Arador and Lulu

This floor is hardly can be managed without good healer, wallers and some wily tactics. There are two bosses: dark Lulu and dark Arador who usually attack with their regular skills. They got 4 valkyries helping them which are either using mid-damage all-around Judicatory Lightning or high damage 1 target melee skill. Also you will meet 4 salamanders and 4 soldiers here. Red and Green soldiers can seal and Salamanders just using POW all the way.

The most troublesome part in this battle is when any of bosses or valkyries dying they are calling up reinforcement spawn, which consists of about 6-8 soldiers. So either you going with defensive tactic and lure down and kill every enemy one by one to the bottom part of map or you charge into heart of the enemy forces and pray to survive.

It's quite hard battle but if you manage to beat it the reward will be +200 gold.

Big red egg x 2
Challenge gift box x 4
100 gold ticket x 2

So total amount of gold for completion of tower is 330g per character. Tickets can be exchanged to Gold Currency by double clicking on them.


15 rounds

Very familiar to tower of revenge event but with fifteen floors included. Quite good in case of rewards and some money for completion. Event lasts for only 2 hours and has more stages than tower. Last ones are even harder, so farming at this event isn't really good idea but you can try if got nothing to do.

Most begining stages are quite easy and look the same as ones at Tower of Revenge. Meanwhile rounds 12-15 getting starting to cause significant thoubles. Last round is most difficult as always.

Only since floor 10 you'll start getting rewards for completion:

Floor Name Description Reward
1..9 ...

Quite an easy rounds with nothing much remarkable.

10 Blue Naga Same battle as for low level quest for Lulu's skill. Only Naga boss has some decent HP, other mobs are too weak. Yellow egg x 1
11 Dark Partners

Simplified version of fighting off dark version of partners which are in robot mode. They doesn't have much HP and doesn't do much of damage, so it's easy to win this one.

Yellow egg x 2
12 Yellow Demon As battle starts Yellow Demon and three dragon charging toward you. This floor is harder cause demon has 12k HP, so unless you possess decent attack bring Cybil/Clare here to take care of your HP/SP, or bring food. This floor is quite manageable once you get LV40, even better if you have a team mate with you.
There is first money reward upon finishing and it is 30 gold.
Red egg x 2
10 gold ticket x 3
13 Dark Army Commanders

This floor is much harder than anything below. Players have to challenge with numerous of Hades Army commanders. Some of there girls can seal but overall damage isn't that high. Not if you hurt any of them but not overkilled, they're all going to robot mode with +50 DEF which is slowing down their termination. You'll need some good team work there, so bring food and healer partners.

A party of two LV90 can pretty much handle this but it will take a while.

Reward is getting serious: +100 gold.

Big red egg x 1
Challenge gift box x 2
100 gold ticket x 1
14 Ninja Invasion

On this floor players suppose to kill some evil ninjas. Ninjas are pretty tough and usually use kunai throw as primary attack, blue ninjas can seal, so make sure to get rid of them as priority. Boss ninja can cowardly Vanish and keep on attacking like that. Once his HP drops below 18k first wave of reinforcements will spawn on top of map. Second wave will arrive when boss has below 9k HP left, so be prepared to face numerous of ninjas.

Best strategy here is to clean the map and reach higher ground where boss is standing (you'll need to break a stone blocking the way). After this you can slowly start damaging boss, but stop by to clean map off reinforcements when it spawns.

Reward is humble +40 gold, but it's just another step before the final round.

10 gold ticket x 4
Orange box x 2
15 Siege of Stronghold

On the large map there's a Stronghold crowded with enemy knights and mages, among the some robot called Mechanical knight is cowardly hiding as a Boss. Boss is usless and can only poke in front, soldiers use regular attacks, mages use Judicatory Lightning. The most annoying are Blue mages which always seal with Whirlwind and Green mages which often cover nearby troops with AoE Light Wall.

This battle is quite hard to manage without a good team. Unless you can bloody tank the damage it's better to use some wily tactic than usual reckless frontal attack. It will be wise to lure knights and mages one by one from fortress and kill them outside the Stronghold walls.

Boss is lame LV100 with 40k HP. When its HP drops below 28k first wave of reinforcement spawns on top area of Stronghold. It consists of mixed mages and soldiers and super painfully annoying for overall progress. Stop hitting boss until finish off all of them. When boss HP drops to 18k the second wave will spawn. Troops in there all the same ones as before, beware of seals.

If your team could finally end this Mech Knight it will be handsomely rewarded, though not much of gold as income +50 gold.


 Use Goggles. It's optional to equip them, but will do a great help fight off Whirlwind seals.

10 gold ticket x 5
Challenge gift box x 2
1% EXP capsule x 1
Large gift box x 1

Large gift box can provide some Mall-grade things like Forge Pliers and Empty Trading Box. Total amount of gold for completion of 15 rounds is 220g per character, which is smaller than Tower of Revenge.

Tickets can be exchanged to gold by double clicking on them.

 If your partner dies at this event it's friendship or life heart won't be deducted.


Heaven trials

Heaven Tirals is quite a difficult game event which suppose players to fight through 7 battles and conquer the rewards of heaven.

Action takes place at the sky ladder where you have to move to 5th floor and defeat the Angel. After each battle you may open the treasure chest on the way to next NPC and get rewarded.

Battle Name Description Reward
1 Goblin thieves

Small group of goblin sworders and archers, not much of trouble as they're weak. If it will take too long to kill them it will trigger spawn of small group of their comrades.

Yellow egg x 1 
2 Soldiers and mages

This round is to kill all the soldiers on map and lure the boss out. Try to seal or avoid mage gramps as they're annoying with their sealing skills.


Red egg x 2 
3 Knights

A platoon of mounted and unmounted Knights stands against you. This is pretty easy to slay them all. But if it will take you too long to finish one of two knights at the back line will trigger small group of reinforcements.

Big red egg x 1
4 Unknown person

There're two routes to pass through each of them has a mysterous NPC with question mark on it. Pick any and get to battle.

All this mystery does is randomly gets you into one of two possible battles, which are pretty similar beside the map. Both of them has same objective: kill everyone and a boss.

1. First variant of battle differs by high elevation on the large portion of map. There you gonna meet Green Ghosts which are Whirlwind seal like mad and Mages wich are often spam AoE Light Wall. Quite annoying and less desired type of battle.

2. Second variant of battle offers a flat field with small elevation on the far edge. It's crowded with Mages which are only favor to cast Confusion. This one is much less annoying and progress faster.

Big red egg x 1
80% EXP potion x 2
5 Beast guards A group of trolls and ogres along with Minotaur boss. Blue trolls figured how to cast Confusion, but they don't spam it often. Minotaur has thick amount of HP, but nothing much besides. Orange box x 1
90% EXP potion x 2
6 Immortal phoenix

This one is getting dangerous. This battle suppose to kill Giant Phoenix and bunch of his small copies. No seals here but they're damaging quite notabe. Once boss getting damage it summons reinforcements, which are another bunch of his small copies.

Could be pretty annoying so try to keep boss sealed all the time while dealing with spawns.

Challenge gift box x 1
120% EXP potion x 2
Mall game token x 1
7 Angel

The last battle is very tough. First off you meet a pretty Angel along with eight Valkyrie minions. Valkyries hurt pretty badly with their 1 target melee skill, so you have to kill all of them first. Angel is very thick of HP, so as you start to damage her, she will summons few waves of reinforcements. Get rid of each wave before continue to hurting her.

First wave is weak goblins, second will be bunch of annoying ghosts with Whirlwind sealing, next few waves are getting just crazy with summoning valkyries, ghosts of couple of Giant Phoenixes, Wolverine and Rhino bosses.

You have to be strong enough to handle them or have a good team. Most preferable is to one-hit kill the Angel to avoid such a mess.

Angel's gift box x 1
180% EXP potion x 2
Mall game token x 2

Mall Tokens can be used to play Mall mini-games instead of using Mall Points. Transfer rate is 1 Token = 1 Point. This way you may collect them up every week and then play some decent Mall mini-games like Wheel of Fortune.


Wind dragon trials

Wind Dragon Trials is second hardest event in the game, after the NPC Challenge Series 2. Trial has only 3 floors where you have to fight one Nine-tailed Fox boss and two wyvern bosses which are called Wind Dragons.

After each floor you'll get rewarded with girf boxes. As you can say by name of even it suppose to have a lot of Whirlwind sealing so better come prepared to counter it with next headgear:

Goggles can automatically unseal owner from Whirlwind Seal on the next turn which reduces chances to lose tremendously! So it's highly recommended to have at least few characters wearing them.

Floor Name Description Reward
1 Nine-tailed Fox 

This floor is suppose player to make it through long map to the boss, but its  with constant unlimited foxes and chameleon spawns, which are blocking the way have to break though unlimited reinforcements and few stones on your way to kill Nine-tailed fox boss. Tactic is to leave certain character behind while whole team rushing forward. Decoy will serve to attract mobs and let them gather around at bottom, so others can freely pass to boss.

Medium gift box x 1
2 Wind Dragons and Sheeps

Here you need to kill Pink Dragon and at same time not let minions to kill 3 sheeps on this map. Sheep can escape from battle when at least one cone around is broken.

Orange box x 1
3 Wind Dragon Lord

You just need to kill Wind dragon lord. Here you have to climp up along with tons of minions and some tough 8k HP mobs. Pay attention breaking trees on this map will cause some additional reinforcements, so i suggest you to avoid trees at any cost. There are trick with 3 spots around boss which can't be hurt by his tornado skill.

Dragon gift box x 1
Challenge gift box x 2

The only good reward from this even is the Dragon gift box which has a chance to grant Forgotten scrolls and few Pet-return scrolls at once. The fact these scrolls are coming on a random chance makes all the efforts pretty worthless due to difficulty of event. (That's unless you're going with super strong to roll through this event)

Guild LV2 event: Guild trials

This event available since your guild become level 2 or more. Guild trials offers to challenge fighting different forces to claim some modest reward.

Once event time is come you can enter guild room by clicking the following button in Guild menu.

Then talk to Guild Sentinel (gray soldier at left) and he'll offer two or three options. Pick 1st to start Guild trials.

Objective is to kill all enemies. Beware of blue wizards, they can seal with Confuse and Whirlwind.

Main feature of this event are enemy soldier and mages which are dropping Exp share cards after they were killed by quester. Thus, this event can be farmed!

Start battle and make you alts or friends to jump in your fight. Make sure you are matching in speed and capable of killing same mobs in one combo, so drop reward will be given to everyone who combo'ed. Don't forget to buy and activate Clover from Gold mall to make those card drops doubled! Repeat this method with your friends or alts, just change quester each time so you can have great value of Exp share cards each time.

Items, dropping by mobs with high chance:

Icon Name Quantity  Effect
 Exp share card 1 Allows to store 10,000 exp from partner's special bar (LV20+) on a card.
Once filled card can be applied to any partner and add this exp.
Can be dropped by any mob
 80% EXP potion 1

Increasing EXP gain by +80%
Lasts for 2 hours.
Can be dropped by any mob

Reward for completion:

Icon Name Quantity  Effect
 Card box 1 Double click to open.
Contains Memory card x 1, Exp share card x 1
 Big gift box 1

Gives random reward from list


Guild LV3 event: Knights challenge

This event is getting available since your guild become level 3.

Knights challenge is mainly useful for guild leader because only leader can claim reward from it. Meanwhile battle itself can be done by any guildmates. Note, this even can't be repeated once finished until next time.

Once event time is come you can enter guild room by clicking the following button in Guild menu.

Then talk to Guild Sentinel (gray soldier at left) and he'll offer three options to you. Pick 2nd to start Knights challenge.

Objective is as always kill all the mobs. 

Note that only guild leader can claim the reward which is another Guild Orb. After victory in battle and until the midnight the Guild Orb is available to be claimed by your guild leader from Guild Squire (blue solider behind Sentinel). This is made to allow guildmates do the battle part even if leader were offline at the event time.

Icon Name Quantity  Effect
 Guild exp orb 1 Grants additional +50% experience effect to all guildmates for 2 hours.
Effect applies to your current guildmates and allies, which are at the same map at the at very moment of activation. After this players are free to go to their training areas without losing the EXP boost effect.
Time from activation of numerous orbs is stackable, but maximum is 23:59 (12 orbs). Orb will be eliminated after use.


 Icon Name Quantity Effect
 Small revive pill1 Revives target with 1 HP.
 Blueberry pie20 Food. HP+400 SP+200.
 Can be used in battle.
 Cola can10 Food. SP+300 HP+200.
 Can be used in battle.
 Magic bean1 Recovery item. Can restore full HP and SP.
 Can be used in battle.

 Icon Name Quantity Effect
 Small revive pill1 Revives target with 1 HP.
 Blueberry pie20 Food. HP+400 SP+200.
 Can be used in battle.
 Cola can10 Food. SP+300 HP+200.
 Can be used in battle.
 Magic bean1 Recovery item. Can restore full HP and SP.
 Can be used in battle.


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