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Getting started

Main storyline

Now once you've created your character and logged in, you will be approached by an angel in your dream. She will be explaining that you're the chosen one here to save the world and whatnot.

Upon waking up from your comfortable bed you will find a butler in your house, who will teach you the basics of NS and more importantly: give you some clothes to wear (2nd option in dialog). After all how can a person who is fated to save the world do it in his (her) pajamas?

Feel free to explore house and collect any findings like picture frame (for game CGs) and handheld game. Also if you keep on picking other options in butler dialog he'll teach you some game basics (yet in Chinese).

With your clothes set you're now ready to take on whatever comes your way!.. Probably. So as soon as you leave your safehouse several giant robots appear out of nowhere and open fire at you! Thankfully your cross-shaped pendant activates and reflects all the attacks. Next it will summon blue mecha suit right on you! And the not-so-epic battle against few weak robots will begin.

Right after the destruction of the robots, a girl will appear before you and introduces herself as Avril. While you trying to figure what's her babbling of you being the one they were looking for and so on, she persuades you to follow her and meet her boss on some sort of ship, which has landed not so far from here.

Congratulations, you have just obtained your very first partner! Avril is a partner who possess one of the largest regular attack skills in case of affected area and range, but it needs to be trained first. Later on Avril may get a free 30% critical damage effect ring from a quest, which will make her a very useful partner both at low and high levels.

Now in order to continue your adventure you should move to the upper-right corner of village map.

There you're finding an unknown man, who has apparently behind attack on the village, but he retreating right away after seeing you with Avril. You're keep on following Avril while guessing what's going on here. At the edge of village she decides to introduce herself. She's an officer of Special Angelic Squad and they are here to prevent the Earth from being conquered.

During following series of battles another girl appears to assist you - Samantha, basically she's a sharpshooter. But enemies are keeping tighten up their lines and at very critical moment one devastating attack crashes them all. Another girl appears - silver haired TangLin.

After the village has saved and enemies are retreating, girls finally making you reach their own space battleship! As you advance on main storyline you'll get your first offensive skill and other partners will join your party.

That's enough for begining rest is up to you to find out, have fun!


You can ditch main questline any moment and go roam around for exploring and training. Mill village is the place every one starting at, so you may find plenty of free stuff by entering NPC houses and taking their goods. Also you may find Grocery NPC shop here and Props keeper.

full image

By the way, two basic things that you can get at very start: basic weapon and Mia (cat-girl partner) with very useful Light Wall skill. Also, Mia is your only express delivery pet. Places of those located at Mill village outskirts.

full image

Feel free to explore other locations by entering Mill island map and World map futher on!

Props and team keepers

Both of them are vital for keeping things you may collect as you advance in the game.

Props keeper allows to store up to 50 slots of items and also store Gold currency. Can be found at Activity centre floor 1 of Mill village.

Team keeper allows to store up to 10 characters of partners and beast pets. She can be found in the Battleship's main lobby.


As you may had found out already the battle system of Norn Saber Online is step-turn based. Per one turn you can move your character and attack or use item. Terrain of battlefield offers some tactical advantages and disadvantages, but mainly battles are as simple as 1, 2, 3 and 4!

At very begining you don't have much skill to fight with, so to claim new ones you have to do a special quests for almost each single one of them. And only then train it with the certain NPC coaches.

Basic skills:

Elem. Icon Skill name Max
AOE Type SP Comment

Fire ninja blade


1x4 (x4)


Instant attack of enemies in four directions (by lines)

Water blade flash



Fall of heaven





Falling bump from skies (cross shaped)

Fall of heaven - Break



Perfect - Fall of heaven



Fall of heaven 





Falling bump from skies
(cross shaped)

Fall of heaven - Break



Perfect - Fall of heaven 



Great Heaven attack


Hybrid POW


Summoning fire dragon and strike all around

Frozen Earth




Summoning ice pikes and pierces all around (Area of effect less than Fire's)

See also: Battle system


Now as you have probably noticed by now, you start with a free auto remote control and GPS in your inventory. The first step to learning the secret arts of training is to find where you should be training. And in order to do that, you should open your GPS.

Okay, you will find that there are various buttons. Each position in list is training spot with name written by chinese letters. Ranges like Lv 3 - Lv 5 are levels of mobs on this spot. If you click on the blue button "GO TO" your character will automatically walk to the location of it. Make sure to choose a level range that fits you.

For an example from very LV2 you can directly go to the Lv 7 - Lv 9 training spot and grind up first 10 levels within a hour! Also this spot gives very useful food at begining - Black meat HP+120. Collect it to use as HP food in training and sell some part of it at NPC shop to buy SP food.

Finding a spot that fits you best might be a little hard but once you do, all you have to do is set your auto remote control and start training. However before you start, you need to know that since the combat system of NSO differs from WLO, the auto remote control settings and how you should be fighting differs as well.

Rules that you should follow when you train:

  • Outrun your enemies (move first). This is achieved by having a higher speed average then your enemies. You can find the list of speed averages for all training spots here.
  • Make sure to use skill to fight mobs, either way you won't get any Skill Exp. Well, of course it will be consuming SP food. Most of skill has wide area of effect and their usage is comboable with other characters and partners.
  • Kill your enemies in one turn if possible, if you can't then two would be fine as well, but one hit is the most preferable to save HP food.

Let's set most common setting of training with Avril as partner:

Few words about setting:

  • You can have only one partner training with you at a time.
  • Both you and partner should have same targeting option on for better combo chance.
  • If set POW skill as first priority then it will be used as soon as POW bar charged to 100 or more. POW hits all mobs on map and consumes 0 SP. In any other case second priority skill will be in use.
  • Take care about your partner and don't let her die much by setting "If partner dies for # times then leave to saved spot" to 1. If she will keep on dying on your current spot, better switch to one with some weaker mobs.
  • Small blue orbs in your inventory are revive orbs, put them to "Use if teammate died" slot just in case.

Short note about Skill EXP: skill experience is obtained when you fight monsters and use any skill to do so, you may think of it as something similar to the proficiency of skills in WL. However many skills in NS will not level up regardless of how many times they were used. Skills like those require you to spend skill experience on them to level up, required amount varies from skill to current level of it. Skill experience can also be used to level up passive skills. To spend skill experience from bar below you have to walk to the certain NPC trainer, who has granted this skill.



Currency and NPC shops

uring the time you train, you will likely get drops from the monsters. You can bring those drops to the NPC store and sell it for silver. As a quick explanation, silver is the currency you get from selling items to the NPC store and it is also the currency you use to buy items from NPC stores. NPC shop named Grocery located at Mill village main map. However silver cannot be used for trading with other players.



The currency you use in NSO is split into three kinds:

  • Gold currency is used for trading with other players. Obtained in tickets from rewards from events and instances (Double click ticket to add gold to your balance) or directly getting added to your balance from salary, trading or as reward.
  • Silver currency is what you get when you sell items to NPC stores. It's also what you require when you wish to buy things from NPC stores.
  • Mall Points are getting purchased with real money to buy from Mall or play mini-games with valueable rewards.
Silver - this is what you get when you sell items to NPC stores. It's also what you require when you wish to buy things from NPC stores.
Points - purchased with real money, this is used for IM items.

From what it seems, this system was implemented in order to counter gold farming through the use of botting, which was a big problem in WLO. Due to this system, there are actually little to none of botters in NSO, or perhaps they're hidden well enough that I've never seen much of them.


See also: Economics guide


Partners are NPC followers who joining your party as you advance on storyline or obtaining them through quest or just catching from world around. Though in general all partners can be divided on three categories: crew members, non-crew members, animal (beast) pets.

By crew members we are understand crew of Special Angelic Squad which are: Avril, Samatha, Cybil, Lisa, Ina and TangLin. Also we can add Lulu to this list. Meanwhile they all are girls which have to be treated as any other girl from a date-simulation game. Precisely going on dates with them raises their friendship.

Average value of emotions like sympathy, trust, intimacy, kindness determines friendship value.

Friendship is necessary only for making Friendship brooch effect work.

Brooches are no longer require 100 friendship, however the amount they multiply is scaled by your friendship amount. In other words with 50 friendship a Yellow brooch would give 50% ATK/MATK and at 100 friendship it would give the full 100% ATK/MATK boost to your partner. Further more there are three types of brooches in NSO, which are the following:

IconNameSlot equippedEffect
 Green brooch SpecialScaled boost of ATK/MATK;
+50% ATK/MATK at 100 friendship.
 Yellow brooch SpecialScaled boost of ATK/MATK;
+100% ATK/MATK at 100 friendship.
 Lovers brooch SpecialScaled boost of ATK/MATK;
+120% ATK/MATK at 100 friendship.

Meanwhile each time your partner dies in battle and not getting revived to the end of battle (or spawns when overkilled) she losing 1 heart of life, getting -1 good emotion, +1 as hate emotion. Each point of hate gives penalty to point of friendship

So when your girl lost all 5 hearts of life she will be blocked until you feed her some heart items.

Also she will be blocked when her hate emotion get to 80 points until you date her, scroll it or give her a present.

Non-crew members are the rest of human-type NPC partners who joining your team. Fortunately friendship for them works different way and increases by training special passive skill - Secret Pact. So their friendship never drops down even upon dying.

 SkillMax grade EffectRequrement 

 Team friendship
Increases the friendship of non-crew member partners (+4 friendship points per grade of skill)

But still you have to keep an eye on is their hearts of life amount.

Battleship «Raphael»

As soon as you've done with few battles of introduction in story you are getting to battleship. And new item appears in your inventory: battleship model which allows to call up battleship almost to any location of world and instantly access to it.

Ship has many sections but two largest of them are Bridge (cockpit) and Living quarters (lobby). Also it is convenient meeting place for all the players. All your crew partners are living in here, so you can knock the doors and go on date with any 3 of them per day.

For some mysterious reason crew doesn't have any men on board, lol.

Well small details aside, upon talking to the Commander Katherine you will receive various missions, these missions count as the ship quests or main storyline of the game. After certain point ship questing officer will be responsible for giving missions for you.

You can easily teleport or walk (later on) to last available to you ship quest location by clicking "Ship quest" button below the mini-map.

Completing these missions will give you EXP and other rewards and introduce you to the rest of the crew. Most of them can be obtained as a partners later on. Eventually when you finish some introductions and basic battles, talking to the commader Katherine will show three options:


First option: Your very first skills. Note that you need Skill EXP to train them:

Fire skills
 Space cannonPhysical skill: damage based on ATK attribute;
Shoots target with ion beams.
 Earth flamingMagical skill: damage based on MATK attribute;
Burns ground around caster.
Water skills
 Space cannonPhysical skill: damage based on ATK attribute;
Shoots target with ion beams.
 Molecular lightningMagical skill: damage based on MATK attribute;
Summons lightning strike.

Second option: Get your salary (Gold). You can go to the captain daily to claim your salary (after being 3 hours online), it's not really much money at the beginning but as you continue playing, it can add up to a considerably high amount. The amount of salary you get per day depends on how many instances you and your partners finished and how often you playing NSO.

Third option: cancel dialog.


Ship training of partners

Now another thing about partners on NSO is that they have the ability to train extra stats by advancing in certain disciplines. This may be a little confusing at first but let me explain it to you in details.

First you need to complete basic storyline quests and obtain your first skills from commander Katherine. Now go to the ship training room at battleship's lobby.

It goes in form of daily mini-game where all our crew member girls can participate until their fatigue has reached 100. There are total of 6 disciplines your partner can try to learn.

 Military+10 STR at 100 pointsFailing quite often so proficiency goes way slowly than Fencing.
 Shooting+10 AGI at 100 points
Suggested to train when attack and defense disciplines are maxed.
 Fighting+10 CON at 100 points
My favorite discipline which increases DEF and MaxHP;
Training as first or second priority is suggested.
 Fencing+10 STR at 100 points
Main choise for STR based partners.
 Theology+10 WIS at 100 points
Suggested to train when you maxed attack, defense and speed disciplines
 Magic+10 INT at 100 points
Main choise for INT based partners.

Your partners can get up to +20 STR, +10 CON, +10 INT, +10 WIS and +10 AGI from ship training.

Let's take a fencing discipline like as an example: click on it for 3 times to fill the schedule at left and your partner will start learning it. For every 10 points she achieve in fencing, she will get +1 to STR (strength stat). Repeat this operation until you get 100 fatigue. This means she's tired for today so you have to come continue tomorrow. So when partner reach fencing at mark 100 partner will receive +10 STR.

This process is quite slow, so it might take week or two of daily ship training to get only single stat to +10.

Partner will also get 3~5% experience (scaled to level) from the daily ship training. Also, developers made a chance of fail training. This chance decreases depending on how much points of ship training you already have on this stat. Failing won't reset points that you already obtained on it but will increase fatigue.

Everyday fatigue drops down by 60 points after midnight (NS time). Also if you taking same girl on date her fatigue drops on 20 more points.

Note: each discipline your partner trained losing 1 point after midnight. This is made to keep you grinding spare few percents of EXP for your partner even after you've maxed all her disciplines. But meanwhile, threats to drop it to 0 if you quit or wouldn't train partner for too long.

Non-crew members can't be trained at ship, but they getting same extra stats permanently after you've maxed passive skill - Team training.

 SkillMax grade EffectRequrement 

 Team training
Ship trains non-crew member partners (makes additional ship training stats appear for non-crew partners).
When maxed adds STR+20 CON+10 INT+10 WIS+10 AGI+10

See also...

Now I believe if you've read things up to now, so should already know the basics of NSO. Check out other sections of our site to find out details about every tiny matter mentioned there.

If you have any other questions you may search about it at forums or ask about it. If you need help feel free to ask people who inside guilds.

I wish you good luck on your adventures on NSO.

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