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Guild management

Making guild helps to group players who often play together or share common interests. Also guilds can participate in weeekly Guild war event and challenge other guilds in order to conquer the Castle.


  1. Guild review
  2. Guild alliance
  3. Guild level and Guild room
  4. Deposit and Mercenary management for Guild war

Guild review

To create a guild you have to visit 3rd floor of Activity centre at Mill village. There you'll find an NPC responsible for registering new guilds.

Requirements to create guild:

  1. Your character have to be at least LV20.
  2. You have to pay 1,000 gold.
  3. Guild name should be unique.

After you've made it start inviting new members using Invite to guild button at top left corner of game interface.


To open guild menu click on Social button and then on Guild tab.

You can set various rights for guild members by picking them on List page and using button Set authority.
Note: mercenary management available since guild turn to LV2.

You can draw custom Icon at following page. Board helps to post various announcements.

Overall statistics of each character available by clicking on deposit button at List page. It shows person rank and various types of exploit points obtained.

(!) Pay attention, your guild can be automaticly disbanded if one of following conditions met:

  • within 15 days less than 3 members are online.
  • within 7 days amount of members in guild (LV10 or more) below 15.
within 7 days amount of members in guild (who is LV10 or more) below 15

Guild alliance

Allows to form an alliance of 3 guilds for various purposes. Main on them is efficient defending at Guild war.

It might be hard to one guild to stand against whole server even at such large maps of Castle. So if your guild won the Guild war, the rest of your allies will get full benefit of Castle services also.

How to set alliance:

  1. You have to be guild leader
  2. Meet with another guild leader.
  3. Open Allies tab of Guild menu.
  4. Click Set alliance and then click on other guild leader.

When alliance is set your guilds can use common chat channel named Alliance and visit ally Guild room.

Guild level and Guild room

New guild starts with LV1 and to improve it you all have to work hard.

Guild can accumulate points of proficiency called Guild exploit. They can be acquired by completion next events:

Event nameGuild Exploit for completion
15 rounds+3
Tower of revenge+2
NPC challenge part 1+1
NPC challenge part 2+1
Wind dragon trials+1
Guild trials+1

Accumulation of these points allows to raise guild level.

Guild LV2 Requirements:

  • 2,000 Guild Exploit points
  • 20 members
  • Your members have to set at least 10 towns

After you've done all from list above your guild will automaticly turn into LV2. This will grant and access to your very own Guild room.

Guild room can be instantly accessed from any place by clicking following button on guild window.

Note: only members of same guild and their allies can access to it.

From there next things are getting available:

  • Kind of the hill
    This is a daily quest which allows to get a cool High-tech helmet as reward from reaching top of the hill. Stats of helmet are random.
  • Guild trials
    This is a weekly quest which allows gather some Exp share cards (red NS cards) as drops from killing mobs.
  • Guild exp orb
    Once per week (at friday) guild leader can get Guild exp orb from throne.
    Icon Name Quantity  Effect
     Guild exp orb 1 Grants additional +50% experience effect to all guildmates for 2 hours.
    Effect applies to your current guildmates and allies, which are at the same map at the at very moment of activation. After this players are free to go to their training areas without losing the EXP boost effect.
    Time from activation of numerous orbs is stackable, but maximum is 23:59 (12 orbs). Orb will be eliminated after use.

Guild LV3 Requirements:

  • 5,000 Guild Exploit Points
  • 40 members
  • Your members have to set at least 15 towns

After you've done all from list above soldier at Guild room will offer you fight a challenge.

After this battle your guild will turn into LV3. Note, it's not necessary to keep and protect towns after guild leveled.

Now it is getting available:

  • Knight's challenge
    This is a weekly quest which offers 1 more Guild exp orb for guild leader once won.

Deposit and Mercenary management for Guild war

This feature is available when your guild LV2 or higher.

In Guild room you may find the Guild butler standing next to throne. He is responsible for resources and Guild war siege preparations.

Talk to him to get access to next options:

First option: access to the Guild resource deposit. In this window you can donate various raw materials and equipment into guild's stock. Donated goods would be added to one of three main resources (Wood, Iron, Fur) according to their base.

IconMain typeBase material donate
 Wood Wood
 Iron Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Stone
 Fur Fur, Feather

These materials can be used to hire NPC (for attackers) mobs and build barricades (for defenders) at Guild war.


  • Donated materials can not be retrieved back.
  • Sum of materials per donation should be greater than 10.

Second option: access to the Mercenary management. This window allow to hire Stone golems and Siege catapults for attack in Guild war. Each unit cost some amount of resources from guild deposit. They can be summoned to fight at any battle of three rounds of weekly Guild war event.


Pay attention: to actually hire them you need to have certain authority appointed by guild leader (unless you are one). Though, in fact they it seems like these NPC mobs are getting magically summoned and not hired but let's ignore this little detail.

Third option: cancel dialog.

See also: Guild war event  


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