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Handicraft skills

Non-combat or life skills which allows to collect materials, craft items and furniture.


  1. Collecting/Mining
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Alchemy


Without good amount of necessary materials you barely can do anything good. To start collecting them press button with miner at right top of the game interface and character will activate personal collecting machine.


After certain amount of time at this state you'll be getting random type of resource. Resource will be picked from list of available ones for map, you are currently on. Note, doesnt matter where exactly on map you do gathering. To find out where to gather certain material you can use a special book:

Material encyclopediaThey can be found all around Mill village;
Double click to open the list of material types on different maps;
Each book can be used to auto-walk to desired area. Also you may use teleport to instantly move to picked map but this will terminate current book.

Collecting process will take you time and to reduce it you can train a special skill in exchange of your Skill Exp.

Getting Collecting/Mining skill:

To get it you should first go to Grocery store at Mill village and buy 10 pieces of Onigiri riceballs and then give it to miner who is dying from hunger in cave area right outside of Mill village. After this talk with him again and he will offter you skill learning screen.

Training Collecting/Mining skill:

Training this skill reduces material gathering time according to following table:

Collecting/Mining Skill
GradeSkill EXPReduction of time
1 20-6 seconds
2 20-12 seconds
3 1,292-18 seconds
4 8,037-24 seconds
5 32,267-30 seconds
6 100,075-36 seconds
7 260,375-42 seconds
8 595,934-48 seconds
9 1,237,002-54 seconds
10 2,377,270-1 minute
Total Skill EXP needed: 4,612,292


At Mill village you can find a man who giving away his Mobile house to first passerby. Let's take it.

Now when you have your very own home let's decorate it. By entering inside and starting from a Pile of wood and materials you've collected by mining you can create very beautiful place.

You can manufacture furniture and other useful stuffs. You can have even some little business by making furniture for sale.

But manufacturing takes time for each process, so it would be wise to make it little faster. Improving your manufacturing machines and tools makes certain reduction of time but in addition you also can train a special skill for this case in exchange of your Skill Exp.

Getting Manufacturing skill:

To get it you should collect 30 pieces of wood and then give it worker who is sitting in forest area right outside of Mill village. After this talk with him again and he will offter you skill learning screen.

Training Manufacturing skill:

Training this skill reduces manufacturing time according to following table:

Manufacturing Skill
GradeSkill EXPReduction of time
1 20-4%
2 20-8%
3 1,292-12%
4 8,037-16%
5 32,267-20%
6 100,075-24%
7 260,375-28%
8 595,934-32%
9 1,237,002-36%
10 2,377,270-40%
Total Skill EXP needed: 4,612,292


Alchemy allows to craft equipment from different materials. Whole process is based on recipie of material types and their ranks. Stats of output equipment are random within a certain allowed range. Most high rank base materials are coming from Mall alchemist bags. Alchemy skill can improve chance of successful crafting of desired item. Alchemy books are providing guaranteed rank "jump" for ouput compounding item. Quality pills can increase chance of getting good output stats for equipement part.

More details about whole subject can be found in Compounding section

Getting Alchemy skill:

First, leave starter's town and make your way to the edge of the map. Transform into your robot mode and fly to Madagascar. When you arrive there, go straigt up to the village.

Next, talk to this old man next to the pot.

He'll ask you to give him Gold ingot x 3, Silver ingot x 3 and Copper ingot x 3 which you can make from ore with the tools in your mobile house. Total of Gold ores x 6, Silver ores x 6, Copper ores x 6 you need to make these blocks with following tools:

Training Alchemy skill:

Training this skill improves chance of getting better rank up according to following table:

Alchemy Skill
GradeSkill EXPBetter chance of rank up
1 20+1
2 20
3 1,292
4 8,037
5 32,267
6 100,075
7 260,375 +2
8 595,934
9 1,237,002
10 2,377,270+3
Total Skill EXP needed: 4,612,292


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