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Registration and Installation guide for Norn Sabеr Online

This it guide how to access chinese version of Goddess: Norn Saber Online.

Registration at

First, you need to register your account at Chinesegamer Inc.


Step 1
Type following address in your browser or just click next link:


Step 2
Click the first sentence from the left side menu (as on picture).


Step 3
In order to become a member at you need to register there first. Click the BIG red button that says "Join Member" to proceed into next step.


Step 4
Check two boxes of user agreements and click the "Next" button as on picture below.


Step 5
In this screen, you need to fill out your desired:

  • Account name - just like you did when you registered in WLO.
  • Password - It CANNOT exceed the 10 character length!
  • Repeat password - input the same password in it. 
  • Press "Generate" button and 4 characters code will appear. Retype them into field above using big CAPS.

Every single field needs to be filled in order to continue. Proceed into next step by clicking the "Next" button as on picture below. 


Step 6
Just like the previous screen, EVERY single field in here needs to be filled!

  • Type in your real name.
  • Select your gender - female or male.
  • Input your birthday date: year and month.
  • Input your ID/passport last 5 digits. Or use random ones. Don't forget to pick 2nd option at the right switch for the foreign person (which is you)!
  • Select your area from the list. For an example pick Europe which is written as "歐洲" in drop-down select.
  • Input your phone number using the country and the city prefix. (Or just use random numbers)
  • At last retype the CAPTCHA from picture into the field below.

When done, hit the button "Next" at the bottom of this form.


Step 7 
If you did everything correctly, you should get the confirmation with exact message as on the picture below.
If not then use Google Translate to know the meaning. Then press back button and fix the problem.
If you succeed - congratulations! You've made a Chinesegamer account, now need to attach it to NSO!

Attaching your account to NSO

Step 1
Now back to and click the second sentence from the left side menu.


Step 2
Now you have to attach your Chinesegamer account to NSO and thus create actual NSO account.
As on picture below input your Chinesegame account details:


  • Chinesegamer account name
  • Password which you just created (at Step 5 of registration)
Click Submit.



Step 3
Ok, there you have to create new name which will be used in game as "Login", next fields is for password and next is to repeat this password again. The bottom field has control numbers, retype them into the left field.

Press "Submit" button below.

It could give you an error message after if account with exact name is in use already. This way click back button at your browser and input another name and fill the fields all over again.


Step 4
Once everything has worked correctly you should see a screen, same as picture below.

There you will be reminded to keep your passowrds save, not showing it to others and blah-blah. Also it'll show your account details reminder.

After all above is done you are ready to get in the game!

Downloading the game client

As you know honored authors of this site made some editings and released English Interface pack for NSO, so now there are two options you can get game client: official and repacked.

Norn Saber Online Official chinese game client

If you want to start with original client just download the official chinese one. This one will need proper installation and update.

Official Norn Saber Online version:


How to install:

  1. Extract NsOnline_3.rar using WinRAR program or any other capable of doing it.
    (when you have WinRAR installed then right click on this file and choose in drop-down menu "Extract to folder...")
  2. Once extracted open this folder and click Setup.exe file which will start installation process.
  3. After installation has finished you can find link to launch the game on Desktop.

Few words about it:

  • Downloading file size: 1.27 GB.
  • Installed game client size: 3.37 GB.
  • Client version is 3.0.
  • Game files update is needed.
  • "NsOnline_3.rar" and the extracted folder can be deleted after installation has finished.
  • To uninstall the game client use Control Panel -> Programs and Features.


Norn Saber Online Repacked game client

If you anyways going to use English Interface Pack modification for original client of Norn Saber then it would be much easier to download a repacked game client which it has already applied.


Use any mirror file hosting from below:




from Google Drive

How to install:

  1. Download from any of hostings listed above (see yourself where speed is better).
  2. Open NSOnline Repacked.exe and follow the program instructions.
  3. After Extraction has finished you can find link to launch the game on Desktop.

Few words about it:

  • Downloading file size: 1.38 GB.
  • Extracted game client size: 3.44 GB.
  • Client version is 3.0+.
  • English Interface Pack 1.2 already applied.
  • Official voices and sounds package already applied.
  • Game files updated at 20 February 2014.
  • "NSOnline Repacked.exe" can be deleted after extraction has finished.
  • To uninstall the game client simply delete the folder where you have it extracted.

Updating the game client

Once you've launched Main.exe or shortcut from desktop the main screen will appear.

In Settings you won't be able configure RAM usage mode, so don't bother with attempts to change it, only thing you can switch here is Screen Mode.

Now there are list of available update servers. Choose any by double clicking on it (or confirm with button below).

The next is Game Updater screen, it shows if game has any files to update. Just click Update if anything is in the list and wait until the process will finish (all files from top list moved to bottom area). Start button will appear after.


Go to next: Character creation

Basic tips

  • If you were using Chinese version of game client you can change interface to English by installing english interface pack into game folder. It may improve the basic undertanding of which is where in game faster. You can always download it from here.

  • Game update were weekly until some time ago, so now it's not that common and usually appears after maintenance on Friday. If an update is out you have to close all game clients and run game update.


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