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Instance review

Instances are battle simulations where you have to achieve certain objective while acting hand by hand with other players.

Required number to start an instance is 4 characters (2 chars for LV5 one). After completion the officer in the instance room will give reward to all the participants. If you failed current instance just restart and try again.

To open Instance menu click on following button below mini-map:

Following menu will appear where you can create new instance or join existing one:


Few notes:

  • Availability to create or join them are limited by minimal LV requrements. Though it doesn't mean that you'll be able to beat the instance if your LV matches.

  • Once you have enough people at the instance it will automaticly start.

  • Each instance has a limited amount of time to achieve the victory conditions.

  • Disconnection during instance will kick you out of it.

  • Each instance can be completed only once a day (exception is LV15 one, it can be finished many times).

Basic instances are simple and short instances. Reward is quite humble as well. Most of basic ones provides Yellow Eggs as reward. From eggs you can get some lower (10~20%) exp potions, rice balls, hearts, sport drink bottles, 1g/10g vouchers, 10K hp/sp pots, revive beads and at very tiny rate forge pills. At higher levels most of these stuffs practicaly useless.
High instances (LV40 and higher) could cause you some serious troubles, even may cause death of your team mates or partners. But rewards here are much better. Orange boxes, Red Eggs, Card Boxes, 150% Exp pots and even Glaze stones.

Basic instances

LV5 "Castle of hungry spirits"

Info:  A crazy scientist has turned people into zombies! Setting aside all issues of ethics, kill them with all your might!

Objective:  Kill everyone.
Reward: Burger (+60 HP, +60 SP) x 50

LV10 "Statue of Liberty defense"
  Oh no! Black army wants to break world's honor (by destroying the Statue of Liberty )

Objective:  Protect statue from destruction (30 HP). Kill all enemies. Be careful, your attacks can hurt statue too.
Reward:  Yellow Egg x 1

LV15 "Alien invasion"

Info:  Hans Rudolf Giger's creatures are going to consume you.

Objective:  Kill the alien's breeder.

Note: this instance can be repeated each 15 minutes after completion.
Reward:  Yellow Egg x 2

LV20 "Black Hades encounter"

Info:  Black army fortify the hill for unknown purpose.. WTF??? U BASTARDS!!!

Objective:  Kill the leader.
Reward:  Yellow Egg x 3,  Exploit (+300 player exploit, +100 partner exploit)

LV25 "Black Hades military base"

Info:  You have located a base of the Black army, destroy it!

Objective:  Destroy main building (18 HP).
Reward:  Yellow Egg x 3,  Exploit (+350 player exploit, +100 partner exploit)

LV30 "Defend the Arc de Triomphe"

Info:  Bored enough Black army decided to destroy Arc de Triomphe to ruin honor of.. France.

Objective:  Protect Arc from destruction (30 HP). Kill all enemies. Be careful, your attacks can hurt Arc too.
Reward:  Yellow Egg x 3,  Exploit (+350 player exploit, +100 partner exploit)

LV35 "Martina's counterattack"

Info:  On a vacation day Black army has decided to go for a picnic, disrupt it by killing the enemy commander!

Objective:  Kill the boss at  the hill top.
Reward:  Yellow Egg x 3,  Exploit (+350 player exploit, +100 partner exploit)

High Instances

LV40 "Hungry undead"

Info:  Skeletons have appeared somewhere! Clearly they must be related to the Black army so slaughter them all!

Objective:  Kill all enemies.
Tactics:  Skeletons mosly use sealing skills. So it's wise to send someone forth to let him become a decoy and make skeletons mass around him. Then other people can come up and kill most of mobs at once.

Reward:  Red Eggs x 2,  Orange Box x 1

LV45 "Mechanical knight"

Info: Anonymous forces #4152 are testing their brand new weapon! Destroy them and steal their technology while at it.

Objective:  Kill most of mobs. When reinforcements came, destroy Mechanic Knight.
Tactics:  Try to kill blue wizards at first approach cause they are most annoying here. Wizards are casting Chain-Lightining which can cause Shock and AOE Light Wall skill.

Reward:  Red Egg x 3,  Orange Box x 1

LV50 "Mechanical beast corps"

Info:  The Black Hades army has (somehow) invaded your cargo bay! Break their machines mercilessly.

Objective:  Kill the enemies.
Tactics:  Move up and kill bosses as soon as possible to stop reinforcements. When you got rid of bosses it's wise to mass all reinforcements around you and finish them with POW at once.

Reward:  Red Egg x 3,  Orange Box x 1,  Exploit (+350 player exploit, +100 partner exploit)

LV55 "Save the Angel"

Info: Random angel #667 is in danger of being slaughtered by demons! You must (unwillingly) protect her and her precious statue.

Objective:  Kill all enemies. Protect Angel statue (your attacks can't hurt it). Protect the Angel and don't let her die.
Tactics:  Team up with instance members before starting battle, this way all of you will be available to move at 1st turn. Come up and Haste and break trees to pass further. It's significant to hike toward statue as fast as you can. Then kill all mobs and demon at hill. Group might be separated by ones who'll clear mobs at lower grounds and higher grounds.

Reward:  Red Egg x 3,  Orange Box x 1,  Exploit (+350 player exploit, +100 partner exploit)


LV60 "Claim the castle"

Info:  A castle of the black army has been discovered! Destroy it with all your might.

Objective:  Break one of cones blocking the way. Come to lever (don't break it). Kill the enemy general. Reach target area when gates gone.
Tactics:  Once you begin the instance, your first objective is to break 1 cone. Hitting others will cause even more reinforcement to come. Then you should pull the lever located at the left side, you can achieve this by standing right next to it. Beware, breaking it will cause fail of instance. Once you pull the lever, the bridge will magically appear out of nowhere along with the big bad boss riding dragon. Kill that guy and gates behind him will dissappear. Instead there will be target area which you have to reach in order to claim victory.

Reward:   Red Egg x 2,  Orange Box x 2,  Exploit (+350 player exploit, +100 partner exploit)

LV65 "Escape from the enemy base"

Info:  You've infiltrated to Black army's secret underground weaponry. After information gathering you decided to perform a tactical retreat but Jessica spotted you and alerted the guards. Now they will try to stop you.

Objective:  Reach target area.
Tactics:  In order to open the gates you must have a player step on the target squares, however at the last target you should stop and snipe off the monsters at the last room before advancing to avoid being overwhelmed by their numbers. Please note that you only have 3 turns to open the gate after you have killed Jessica (actually she will escape).

Reward:  Red Egg x 3,  Orange Box x 2, Card Box x 1,  Exploit (+300 player exploit, +100 partner exploit)

LV70 "Infiltration into enemy lines"

Info:  The Black army has built a fortress! That cannot be forgiven, destroy it! Jessica will be there defending it.

Objective:  Open gates. Reach target area.
Tactics:  Note before you start: Archer towers will target the leader (or first person to enter) of the team so it is recommended that you let the person with the highest hp enter first or lead the party.
In order to open the door you must destroy the orb pillar on the left, however you must remember that you need to stand 3 squares away from the gate at all times in order to create an opening to rush through. Otherwise you will probably be swarmed with reinforcements and end up unable to advance. Once you blast through the gates, climb the hill and reach the target with sheer willpower! Also you may leave certain victim at gates are to lure most mobs here (aggro them and but do not kill!) and let those who are breaking to target walk freely.

Reward:  Card Box x 1, 150% EXP Potion x 1,  Exploit (+350 player exploit, +150 partner exploit)


LV90 "Sea battle"

Info: A pirate has conquered chinese fishing boats at harbour. Set it free by sinking flagship.

Objective:  Make a way by destroying levers which setting bridges. Reach target area.
Tactics:  Archer towers will target the leader (or first person to enter) of the team, unless that person has great survivability it is highly recommended that you destroy the towers as you advance.

  • First boat: Destroy the lever and move on, leave a sacrifice (someone to tank) to keep the monsters on the ship busy because otherwise they will spawn as you advace and block your way.
  • Second boat: Kill the fodder mobs right after they are spawn and keep breaking lever.
  • Third boat: Kill more fodder mobs along with the fodder demon. Advance to lever and break it.
  • Final boat: Reach the target, you do not need to kill the boss but you may kill if he gets in the way. (Boss has AoE Sleep and AoE Confusion so it's advisable to stay away from him)

Reward:  Orange Box x 3, 150% EXP Potion x 1, orGlaze Stone x 1


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