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Almost any other matter goes as quest. There are few different types of them in NSO.


  1. Stage menu review
  2. Storyline / Ship quests tree tab analysis
  3. Skill quests tree tab analysis
  4. Other quests tree tab analysis

Stage menu review

By clicking Stage button you will open questing menu, which offers quest logs, quest help pool menu, quest tree and switch to Instance tab.

Now let's take a look at Quest tree.

Main story line, skills, new partners, different rewards, everything comes through quests. They are divided into 3 types:

  • Storyline – group of main line of quests which narrate you a story of your epic efforts to save the world.
  • Skill quests – all skills at NSO comes from quests, at start you have only 2 weak hybrid ones.
  • Other quests – some tiny quests which does not mean or do anything significant. Usually gives you some useful items (pots, cards, boxes and etc) reward. 

From there you can access to any quest which present in the game. Each button is an isolate quest. Most of quest buttons are connected with sequent arrows and has LV requirement. Button states:

  • Blue – available
  • Orange – complete
  • Grey – unavailable cause condition haven’t reached (you don’t fit into LV requirement or previous quest haven't completed)

Once button is Blue you can auto-walk or teleport (quite rare) to the place of quest by clicking it. Yes, sometimes they are bugged and getting you to nowhere. Also, usually u have to re-open Stage Tree and click to follow on certain quest place again once u get on a next map.

Tips: usually quests are simple like that come to quest place, fight a battle and get a reward. Sometimes NPC asking you to bring certain quest item in order to begin battle or else solve quest itself. Usually, these items could be found lying on the ground of same map or neighbor one. Also sometimes you have to manufacture specific item for a NPC.

Storyline / Ship quests tree tab analysis

The left longest column if this tab is a main storyline quest series. Default location to begin them is the cockpit room of Battleship. Talk to any character here which has a question mark (Commander Katherine, Ship questing officer or any other NPC standing here). Each quest has certain LV requirement.

To instantly access to next available ship quest click Ship quest button shortcut below mini-map.


You can view whole stage tree with marks for important quests:


Tree picture last update at: November 11, 2011

Also there are many side quest buttons which connected by arrows with storyline quests. Most of them are quests to get partners, their skills or just expanding for whole story (supplying you with rewards for completion, of course).

Skill quests tree tab analysis

Mission or Skill Quests tab offering multiple buttons of quests connected by arrows within requirement linking and represent necessary LV. All of the skill quests for character are located here. Generally, all the skill quests are quite hard (except few basic ones) and it's strongly recommended to get a party before attempting to beat them.

How to find a quest location of certain skill?

Obviously, the easiest way to track a certain skill is by the picture in Skill Tree, so it's better to track quest location right from Skill Tree as it shown at picture below. 

Double click on desired skill icon and click Guide in pop-up window.

Teleport can instantly move the character to quest location but using it will cost some Mall Points.

How to find a quest LV requirement?

For this cause we have to find a certain quest name in this Quest Tree - Mission tab. To do so open up skill details and take a note of the last phrase in pop-up window. This is the quest name, just exactly the same name you can visually find in Quest Tree - Mission tab. When the matching button has been discovered you can check the LV requirements and other quests connected to this.


Other quests tree tab analysis

Other quests, as it said in the name, are any unrelated quests with main purpose of supplying player a reward for fulfilling the objective. Simple as that. Most of them doesn't have any connections and LV requirement. Most of these quests can be easily found by roaming around game areas.

An example of how could it look like: NPC asks you to play mini-game, bring some item, solve a riddle.. or usually win a battle.




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