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Rebirth allows to deploy character as one of four battle classes (jobs) depending on it's build. Rebirth quest is available since your protagonist have reached LV120. Partners can not be reborn.


  1. General info
  2. Quest 1 "Holy Land's entry trial"
  3. Quest 2 "Holy Land's Tower of Rebirth"
  4. Quest 3 "Tower of Rebirth - Wrath"
  5. Quest 4 "Tower of Rebirth - Lust"
  6. Quest 5 "Tower of Rebirth - Envy"
  7. Quest 6 "Tower of Rebirth - Pride"
  8. Job selection
  9. Other specifics

General info

After you have reached LV120 and finished necessary quests you can choose one of 4 classes. Each class offering some status bonus in exchange of permanent decrease of character's level by 119 levels, but status points will remain safe.

To be reborn as certain class you'll need to complete series of 6 hard quest battles.

Alright, finally we have managed to sit and do these ferocious quests. Battles were very difficult for non-reborn party but with the right tactic it can be accomplished just fine.

Let's take look on a Skill quest tree:

As you can see there're 6 quests, each containing some massive battle. All of them will require LV120 or more to initiate.

Once you have met level requirement, click top button (with number 1 next to it) and walk automatically certain place at Annasi kingdom (which will be available after LV93 ship quest).


Quest 1 "Holy Land's entry trial"

First you will see two guards blocking the way ahead. They will offer you a challenge in order to advance further in Holy Land.

Victroy conditionsDefeat conditionsReward
  1. Kill Armored Rhino

  2. Reach two target locations with players characters

  3. Kill Dark knight


  • All players dead
  • Any lever destroyed


 3% EXP capsule x 1
 Tower key x 1

While crowd controling mobs you have to kill Rhino boss which is marked as a target. After this two bridges will appear, each of them leading to an island with lever at it. Levers have to be pulled by stepping to the target area in front of them. Only player's characters (protagonists) can activate levers. Note that your attacks can damage levers HP, if you'll manage to destroy any of them, the quest will end with failure. Once you have activated both levers the major reinforcement will appear to hunt your party down. Also main boss - the Dark knight will appear along with brigde leading to him. Use all your skills to kill him as best as you can.

Armored Rhino
HP: 46,136
Dark Knight
HP: 58,619


Quest 2 "Holy land's Tower of Rebirth"

With key from tower in hand you can approach the main entrance. There two more guards will appear to challenge if you're worth to come inside.

(Recommended to equip few characters with  Goggles, to unseal from Whirlwind sealing).

Victroy conditions Defeat conditions Reward
  1. Kill Fire Demon

  2. Kill Beastman Lion

  3. Kill Mad Sorcerer


  • All players dead


 5% EXP capsule x 1
 Exp share card x 50

On the battle map you can see long wooden passage with 2 small islands on sides. Each this island has mini-boss standing - Fire Demon and Beastman Lion. At the far edge of the bridge you can see stairs and tower doors. After you will finish off two mini-bosses the main boss will appear - the Mad Sorcerer. Along the whole battle reinforcement will be quite annoying. Beward of Harpies whch can seal with Whirlwind and Winged eyes which can cast Paralysis and Magic Drain. Right after two of mini-bosses has fallen make haste to the upper gate area. From there you need to keep Mad Sorcerer sealed and slowly harm his HP, meanwhile guarding your group from hordes of mobs coming from below. Use these stairs as your height advantage to do land some extra damage on mobs. Beware! The Mad Sorcerer can perform massive Confusion skill and summon group of skeletons.

Fire Demon
HP: 32,836
Beastman Lion
HP: 45,561
Mad Sorcerer
HP: 43,768 x 3


Quest 3 "Tower of Rebirth - Wrath"

Alright, now some serious action ahead. Upon entering the tower you'll get to the 1st floor, which is designed in green and teal colours (probably referring to Wind's element color?). Name of this unusual - Wrath. By some rough guessing it could have named after one of seven deadly sins. Anyways, the you'll find only single Valkyrie standing, who will offer next ferocious battle.

Victroy conditionsDefeat conditionsReward
  • Kill Wolverine
  • All players dead
 1% EXP capsule x 5
 Exp share card x 50

Whole battle map is a long bridge with lots of strong mobs on it. At the opposite corner of this bridge is boss is located - Wolverine. Since you just need to defeat one boss the whole battle transforms into just straight CHARGE FORWARD! Reinforcements will be blocking your way all along, so prepare to crowd control them and kill as much mobs each turn as your team able to. At time something making Wolverine walk forward and attack players as well, which makes him easy prey. Beware, mobs damage here is quite high, so some characters or partners might get instantly killed and spawned to safe spot, keep it in mind and log in & log out wisely.

HP: 47,165


Quest 4 "Tower of Rebirth - Lust"

Previous Valkyrie has teleported you on the floor 2 and... there's another one. Floor is designed in red colors and has some mystery name - Lust. From general concept of whole matter you may assume it won't be about "How to make a Valkyrie crush on you in 2 hours", but another killing action. Well this could be a little heartbreaking but.. no time rest, so much to do ahead.

Victroy conditions Defeat conditions Reward
  1. Guess and kill the true Medusa out of 5 of them

  2. Kill Winged Eye


  • All players dead


 1% EXP capsule x 6
 Memory card x 40

In this battle players starting on some distance from main arena. Also there's some riddle: take a look around the map area and you may find 5 Medusa girls, who's main business is petrify with no doubts. Main boss won't appear until you kill these 5 Medusas but the thing is to kill as much of them at same turn as you can. One of these Medusas is true mid-boss, others are fakes, so if you will guess and kill the true one the main boss will appear. Else all of 5 Medusas will respawn with full HP. Sometimes game randomly can respawn all 5 of them if their HP is too low. 

How to kill few of Medusas at once? Keep staying on the main path to your starting position and defeat all the reinforcement which are coming for you. Slowly but all 5 Medusas will walk down to petrify your team. Once some of them nearby hit them to lower their HP but carefully, do not kill them. After you have lured few of them perform all out attack to kill Medusas on same turn.

When you succeed the main boss will appear - Winged Eye. Along with it the huge bunch of ghosts will appear. Beware of them and kill them from distance. Multiple ghosts combo can easy make you spawn on safe spot. Good tactic for this battle is to keeping logging in, advancing and landing some damage then logging out (hit and run tactic). This way boss will die sooner or later.

HP: 12,382
Winged Eye
HP: 43,570 x 2


Quest 5 "Tower of Rebirth - Envy"

Again Valkyrie teleports you up to another floor and another Valkyrie. This floor is named Envy. Who or who's envy still unclear, probably some bosses Envy to your progress so far. This Valkyrie also won't say anything fun but offer you to accomplish the next challenge.

Victroy conditions Defeat conditions Reward
  1. Kill Red Devil

  2. Kill Magma Golem

  3. Kill Dryad


  • All players dead


 1% EXP capsule x 8
 Small card box x 30

At this map your starting position will be separated on two locations, your party will be split up half by half and each half will follow own route until the main island. Logics of spliting the team is next: each character - to the right area, odd character - to the left.

You will find two annoying Archery towers on the map, who will be shooting in quester all the time, so it's wise to break them first, unless quester is full scale tanker. Further, on the end of each route you'll meet a mini-boss: Red Devil and Magma Golem. They are amaizingly weak there, so won't take a much effort to deal with. When both of them down cones which were blocking the passage will disappear and main boss will come out - Dryad.

Many Ape-beasts, Ghosts, Necromancers and Living Trees will appear all around. The most annoying here is huge amount of sealings like AOE Vines Binding and Confusion from these mobs. Necromancers doing the highest damage among all mobs. Actually it's pretty hard to finish without anti-sealing or anything that would prevent getting sealed. Since both parts of teams will be more likely sealed or blocked on their routes before they can meet each other in the middle of map, eventually main boss will come down to one of map sides. This is really helping a lot to at least start damaging her, and eventually kill. Hit and run tactic works here very well, as always.

Red Devil
HP: 17,562
Magma Golem
HP: 16,920
HP: 54,291 x 3


Quest 6 "Tower of Rebirth - Pride"

Valkyrie will teleport you on the final floor of tower, there you will meet some sort council. Four various colored Valkyries who represent the main four elements of nature (fire, water, earth, wind) are standing around the Holy Angel. This male angel is telling that to obtain some heavenly power protagonist have to challenge him.

Victroy conditions Defeat conditions Reward
  1. Kill Beastman Lion

  2. Destroy 2 crystal orb pillars

  3. Kill Holy Sworder

  4. Kill Summoner

  5. Kill Holy Angel


  • All players dead


  • Job selection

This map is divided by chasm on 3 areas. At the first area there's some weak mini-boss - Beastman Lion and 2 Crystal orb pillars by sides. Kill this mini-boss and fodder mobs and break both pillars after (each pillar has 10 HP). The bridge to the second area will appear in the middle.

There are 2 more mini-bosses: Holy Sworder and Summoner. Group of wizards assisting them. There are no servious difficuties to defeat them.

Third bridge will appear after all mini-bosses died. Now some serious mixed unit of angels and valkyries will appear with Holy Angel as main boss. Reinforcement now will be quite annoying by their numbers and huge AOE Lightning Thunder skills. Some low HP character and partners might get seriously injured and even overkilled in single turn, so I wouldn't recommend to let them advance to the 3rd area. The oppsite way, when you start killing angels and valkyries the Holy Angel itself will more likely come down to deal with your team. Under these conditions the best way is to slowly retreat to starting position and lure the boss down there too. It will allow swiftly perform our favorite hit & run tactic and defeat the boss shortly.

Beastman Lion
HP: 15,362
Holy Sworder
HP: 24,536
HP: 17,443
  Holy Angel
HP: 54,366 x 3



Job selection

As you speak to Holy Angel it will offer you select the desired class (job), choose wisely.


Berserkers are crucial troops of every battle. They're wearing assault armors which strengthens fighting abilities and they're mastering close combat weaponary to quickly and efficiently neutralize the targets around around them by most brutal attacks.

Stat requirements: STR higher than any other stat by 100 or more points.

Job equipement:

Icon Name Slot Stats Description / Effect
Assault Armor Body


Reward for rebirth as Berserk.
Can't be forged/inserted/sewed. Unbreakable.

Job bonus:

  • base ATK points +10% (not including equipment, saddles and passive skills)
  • fixed damage addition: +300 dmg
  • using ATK weapons will add +50% to weapon's ATK value




Wizards are decent alternative to the Berserks, while relying on their magic power they can summon spells of natural disasters to a distant enemies. Their magic gowns providing extra magic circuits to strengthen their spells and cause even more devastanting magic on distant enemies.

Stat requirements: INT higher than any other stat by 100 or more points.

Job equipement:

Icon Name Slot Stats Description / Effect
Enchanted Gown Body


Reward for rebirth as Wizard.
Can't be forged/inserted/sewed. Unbreakable.

Job bonus:

  • base MATK points +10% (not including equipment, saddles and passive skills)
  • fixed damage addition: +300 dmg
  • using MATK weapons will add +50% to weapon's MATK value




Warriors are walking strongholds, they're equipped with heavy armor to be capable of sustaining even deadliest hits. For the cause of efficient defense and prolonged lifetime in the battle Warriors have sacrifised their fighting capabilities. In groups Warriors role is to pull most of damage on themselves and let others advance.

On the battlefiend Warrior can posses melee skills or mage spells protect themselves. In NSO Warrior class is commonly used for PVP purpose.

Stat requirements: summary CON + WIS should be higher than any other stat by 150 or more points.

Job equipement:

Icon Name Slot Stats Description / Effect
Guardian Heavy Armor Body


Reward for rebirth as Warrior.
Can't be forged/inserted/sewed. Unbreakable.

Job bonus:

  • base DEF & MDEF points +5% (not including equipment, saddles and passive skills)
  • fixed damage resistance: 10%
  • MaxHP +300
  • using DEF/MDEF equipment (except weapon) will add +10% to equipment's DEF/MDEF value




Envoys are all about being agile and fast, to afford an extra movement range they're sacrificed their fighting capabilities. Thus they're able to cover large distances in an instant and attack their opponent. While being swift Envoy getting an ability to dodge some deadliest attacks and walk away with it. In groups Enovys are made to provide full spectre of negative effects upon unaware enemies anywhere at the map.

On the battlefiend Envoys can posses melee skills or mage spells protect themselves. In NSO Envoy class is commonly used for PVP purpose. 

Stat requirements: AGI higher than any other stat by 100 or more points.

Job equipement:

Icon Name Slot Stats Description / Effect
Swift Assault Jacket Body


Reward for rebirth as Envoy.
Can't be forged/inserted/sewed. Unbreakable.

Job bonus:

  • base SPD points +10% (not including equipment, saddles and passive skills)
  • improved chances to dodge enemy attacks
  • using SPD equipment (except weapon) will add +10% to equipment's SPD value

Other specifics

Other rebirth specifics:

  • To pick job you have to spent all unused stat points.
  • You can pick any job but if your stats don't match Job's requirement then you won't get Job's bonus. If afterwards you fix build of character the bonus effects will be applied. You have to follow chosen build to keep it.
  • Job can be changed after picking. For this you have to buy Magic mirrors item from Item Mall and use it.
  • Penalty equial to -119 from level of your character.
    Example: LV120 => LV1, LV150 => LV31 and so on.
  • Confirmation of picking job will remove all your equips to your inventory so make sure you have enough of space, otherwise nothing will happen.
  • Body suit according to your class

    Suit stats not related to a level you rebirth at, they are fixed. Suit can't be sewed, forged or inserted. Also it's unbreakable.
  • Icon of selected class



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